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Is Sealing and Finishing Your Kansas City Concrete Surfaces a Good Asset?⁣

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Having your Kansas City concrete surfaces sealed can be one of the most important choices you’ll make. Even though many homeowners opt not to have their driveways or other surfaces sealed, sealing significantly adds to the lifespan of these areas.

Because sealing your concrete can make a difference in the life of your driveway, patio, or other areas, you’ll want to consider the benefits very carefully.

What is Concrete Finishing?

Finishing is one of the most vital steps your contractor can take in the concrete installation process. Although finishing is known as preventing chipping, it plays a crucial role in helping the concrete set correctly.

If you’d like to add a bit of your decorative style, you can choose decorative finishes. Another advantage is being able to make the surface non-slip.

Besides having many color choices, floors can also be highly polished. Patios, sidewalks, and driveways can all feature different types of finishes for the desired look. For example, patios and sidewalks might feature a bricklike look, while your driveway could feature a custom color.

Finishing involves the contractor using a small board in a flat shape to smooth the concrete. The appearance will be much smoother and more even.

How Does Sealing Help Kansas City Concrete Surfaces?

Because of concrete’s porous nature, Kansas City concrete surfaces are susceptible to damage, staining, and moisture. The weather is a major factor, as well as high traffic and debris from grass and dirt.

Sealing is one of your strongest lines of defense against these factors. Fluids leaking from vehicles and runoff containing fertilizer from lawns can also have an impact on the driveway.
Another advantage of sealing is providing maximum protection against water. Besides getting into your concrete, water can also get under your concrete surfaces. Erosion, cracking, shifting, and expansion from the freezing and thawing cycle are all undesirable effects of moisture.

The stresses on concrete surfaces can impact quality and longevity. Sealing concrete can increase its lifespan by at least ten years.

Sealing also reduces the amount of maintenance your surface requires by protecting against UV rays, mold, damage, and stains. Another advantage of sealing is that it aids the curing process by providing good reinforcement.

How Sealing Keeps Your Concrete Surfaces Looking Great

Leaves, flowers, and even disgusting substances like trash or animal droppings that land on concrete can bleed color into the surface. Sealing can be an effective preventative that also makes the cleaning process faster.

If your surfaces are stained or painted, sealing is essential. Your colors will remain vibrant and bright for much longer with sealing.

As durable as concrete is, it is vulnerable to harsh weather like any other surface. Sealing helps protect this surface against the worst that can occur because of the weather.

Sealing and finishing can help add to your property’s curbside appeal. You may also see your property values rise after going through this process. Should you decide to sell, sealed and finished concrete surfaces will appeal to buyers.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

Investing in new concrete is just the start of the journey to improving your surfaces. If you want your surfaces to last for much longer and look better overall, you’ll want to consider sealing and finishing them.

If you’re ready to take this crucial step, Johnson Concrete has the experience that you need for concrete jobs of every size. Contact us today with any questions or concerns you have about your Kansas City concrete surfaces or to book an appointment.