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The Process of Installing Concrete Steps

installing concrete steps

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How does Johnson Concrete do the detailed work of installing concrete steps?

Concrete installation isn’t easy no matter where you’re trying to do it. Whether you’re laying a foundation for a new home construction or installing a patio, it requires lots of skill and precision. Here’s the way Johnson Concrete approaches the installation of concrete steps and sidewalks.

Installing Concrete Steps: Basic Project Components

  1. Initial Consultation – Assessments, Measurements, & Free Estimates
    • If you hire Johnson Concrete, the first phase involves a quick consultation. We always want to ascertain your needs and devise cost-effective solutions. This is also where we’ll offer a free project estimate.
  2. Johnson Concrete Installs Your Steps
    • After we’ve confirmed your preferences, then we proceed to the fun part: actually installing the concrete steps. This involves a few stages, including planning, leveling the ground properly, mixing the concrete, laying it, removing flakes, and finishing touches. Our guys spend a long time learning how to do this the right way. Therefore, unless you’ve had a lot of experience with concrete, we recommend avoiding the DIY approach. This is especially true given the added geometry and precision involved with the slopes of concrete steps.
  3. Now You Have New Steps!
    • After we’ve completed the hard work, making sure there are no moisture issues, you’ll have brand new concrete steps. Our last step would be to show you everything and allow you to ask questions.

Always Hire the Most Reputable Concrete Contractor

Now that you know the gist of this process, the next step is to find the best one for the job. It’s never wise to select the first concrete company out of the phone book haphazardly.

Make sure your contractor meets at least these minimal qualifications.

  • It’s essential they use the sturdiest concrete if you want the greatest longevity from your steps and sidewalks. While outdoor steps may not require the same durability as garage floors and driveways, you should still select a strong concrete with the appropriate concrete PSI. Contractors should be able to explain how this works and prove they use the right materials.
  • You probably don’t want to deal with a bunch of subcontractors for concrete jobs. That’s why Johnson Concrete does all its work in-house. It’s cheaper, easier to control, and far less complicated.
  • It also helps to investigate the contract company’s website and see if they have good customer reviews. Google Reviews (online business profiles) are a great resource as well. The best contractors will have a strong reputation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), including an A+ accreditation (like ours).

When Would You Need to Replace Concrete Steps?

It’s great to know that there are reliable contractors who will perform concrete tasks without cutting corners or arriving late. Of course, you still have to know whether it’s really time to replace your concrete steps.

Check out these helpful guidelines:

  • Whenever you have large cracks, stretching all across each slab or section of concrete, it’s time to replace them.
  • Has the problem gotten so far out of hand that you are missing pieces of steps? This can become unsightly and dangerous when it happens around the corners. Don’t wait too long to replace stairs or steps when this happens.
  • If there are uneven steps, which can occur for various reasons, those will need repair or replacement.

Johnson Concrete: We’re KC’s Best for Installing Concrete Steps & Sidewalks

Johnson Concrete can replace and restore concrete steps and sidewalks for any home regardless of terrain complexity or other obstacles. We enjoy countless positive reviews from our previous homeowner clients, and you even see photographic evidence of our handiwork by visiting our project portfolio.

Contact us anytime to learn more about installing concrete steps to really enhance the outdoor decor of your home in Kansas City.