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kansas city concrete contractor

Johnson Concrete

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Driveway replacement can be an important part of maintaining your home to ensure that it constantly looks and feels its absolute best. As a full service, top of the line concrete company, we work hard to provide a huge variety of services in addition to replacing driveways to help improve your home and property.

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For driveway replacement, there’s no better contractor to address all of your needs than us. We understand the importance of your driveway to you, and we have everything that it takes to ensure that you driveway will be there for a lifetime and continue to give you years and years of service all while increasing the curb appeal and value of your home.

Many times damaged driveways that are beginning to show signs of cracking, breaking or sinking are reacting to an incorrectly finished surface, inadequate reinforcing or poorly prepared sub-grade. We take a lot of pride in the measures that we take to prevent crumbling and other damage to our concrete pours. Whether it’s the fact that we carefully lay a base layer of hard packed gravel beneath each of our pours, or the fact that we use a good quality sealer after every pour to improve its durability and strength, it’s clear that we do all we can to protect your investment. Don’t settle for less than the absolute best in driveway contractors.

Whether it’s our responsive, timely service, our accurate and easy to understand work estimates, or our expert, friendly and knowledgeable technicians, we’re positive that you’ll be happy that you chose Johnson Concrete Construction for all of your concrete driveway needs.

Driveway replacements are our bread and butter here at JC.  Replacing driveways is what got this company started back in 2009 and it is what we continue to like to do the most out of all of our projects.  There’s no better facelift to the curb appeal to a home than a brand new driveway.  There is a right and wrong way to do them however.  

First, removing your old driveway takes a lot of equipment and know-how to do it safely without damaging your home.  We have all our own demo equipment, dump truck and experienced workers guys to get the job done.  

Next is the subgrade, we bring in a compacted gravel base to give your new drive a bed to sit on that will not settle or erode over time.  Next is reinforcing rebar that gives the slab the tensile strength to hold up whatever load you might put on it.  We use half inch rebar (no wire mesh like others) and we put it on chairs so it stays where is should (not just pull it up and step back on it like others).  Like all of our concrete we use a high strength 4,000 psi mix or higher and use a water reducer to prevent the addition of too much water that dilutes the mix.  

While finishing the driveway we tool joints that are a true 1” deep and not just put a shallow decorative joint like a lot of other driveways out there.  Usually there is a least one joint down the middle of the drive and one every 10’ going the other direction.  This helps prevent cracks from forming on your new investment.  And the last but not least is the sealer. Once we are finished brooming the texture we then apply an acrylic cure and seal that protects the top from the harsh KC elements. 

kansas city concrete contractor

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Dealing with contractors can be a pain, and then you find one that is great and you just want everyone to know. Working with Kyle at Johnson Concrete is one of those rare contractor experiences. Kyle showed up on time for estimates and to do the work. He did what he said, for the price he said, on time and with extreme quality. In other words, his word means something, and to me that is all that matters. They may not be the cheapest, but from my experience it was worth every penny. The concrete looks great, there were no surprise charges, and the changes that were needed actually ended up being a wash but he was upfront at first that the engineer report may change things... but he didn't gouge me as others have done and like it said the changes ended up a wash. We have more work for them to do, and I have zero concerns it will be done right! Thank you Kyle, I appreciate everything you did! He was patient, knowledgeable, and professional. His crew was also knowledgeable and friendly. We are extremely pleased with the outcome and the customer service was exceptional through the entire process. We have already recommended him to multiple friends for concrete projects.

Frank M.

Eric took the time to understand our problem area(s) and make recommendations. We requested multiple bids and he outlined them clearly. We were coordinating with another contractor and at the beginning of the project Eric was asked to complete step 1 with less than 24 hours notice - and succeeded. He was patient, knowledgeable, and professional. His crew was also knowledgeable and friendly. We are extremely pleased with the outcome and the customer service was exceptional through the entire process. We have already recommended him to multiple friends for concrete projects.

Sandy A.

Fantastic. They were responsive and accommodating from our first contact requesting a bid, until the job was finished. They did our driveway and gave us a stamped concrete patio- both excellently done. Everyone was a pleasure to work with. We’ve already recommended them to friends and family.

Michelle R.

Johnson Concrete installed a stamped concrete patio behind our house and an extension to our driveway. They were very accommodating to our special requests, always addressed our concerns in a timely manner, were easy to communicate with regarding details of the project, and had great a team of hard working people on staff. We are very happy with the results and highly recommend this company.

Meredith A.

We use Johnson Concrete regularly with our real estate business and they continue to do excellent work at a very competitive price. They are dependable and on time. Excellent at communicating unlike many other contractors we have worked with. We highly recommend them and still use them to date.

Chris G.

Eric knows what he's doing. He came up with a cheaper solution for our driveway issue and it turned out great. He's truly a stand up guy. Highly recommend!

Jennifer R.