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How Can You Avoid Cracks in Your Concrete Sidewalks

avoid cracks in your concrete sidewalks

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Because your sidewalks are an important part of your property, trying to avoid cracks in your concrete sidewalks is important. This durable surface can easily withstand the weather and is nice to look at, too.

However, it’s important to know what you can do to prevent cracks, allowing you to keep your sidewalk in top condition. Following these tips can play a crucial role in your sidewalk’s health and increase its longevity.

Covering Your Concrete During Inclement Weather May Prevent Damage

Rain, snow, and ice can all inflict damage on your sidewalk. It’s worth remembering that concrete is a porous surface that easily absorbs water, which increases the chances of cracks from expansion and contraction. This cycle often results in cracks and other damage.

Home improvement stores carry covers that you can use for concrete to help protect against damage. If you don’t have easy access to these covers, you can also use plywood as a type of cover for the sidewalks. Either option may help minimize damage to your sidewalks that would have high repair costs.

An advantage of using covers for your concrete is that your sidewalks will still be accessible. These surfaces are reasonably safe for people to walk on. You simply won’t have to worry as much about as much damage from the weather.

You Can Avoid Cracks in Your Concrete Sidewalks by Having Them Sealed

One way to avoid cracks in your concrete sidewalks is by having them sealed. As durable as concrete is, it always benefits from extra protection. You won’t go wrong by opting for increased protection.

Sealants help protect your sidewalk from UV exposure and water or weather damage that can cause cracks. Ideally, you should consider contacting a concrete contractor to have your sidewalk resealed every two years or so.

Have Minor Damage Repaired Before It Worsens

If any part of your sidewalk gets even slightly damaged, you’ll want to repair it right away. Water infiltration is very likely in these circumstances and can lead to problems that have much higher repair costs later on.

Repairing damage to a sidewalk is usually more complicated than filling in and smoothing out the damaged area. Because these fixes aren’t DIY jobs, you’ll want to make sure you hire a concrete contractor, so everything gets fixed right.

Are There Any Additions That Can Prevent Cracks?

Having a contractor add sidewalk edging not only gives you a perfect, finished look but can help prevent cracking-related damage. You might opt to have the edging added at any time. In fact, if you’re having a new sidewalk put in, you could have it installed after the contractor pours the concrete.

Sidewalk bumpers can also be helpful for preventing damage to your sidewalks. These bumpers consist of plastic or rubber pieces. If a passing car should hit the sidewalk, your bumpers will keep the damage down to a minimum.

Avoid Cracks in Your Concrete Sidewalks: What’s Most Important to Keep in Mind About Preventing Cracks?

Concrete requires a bit of attention to maintain its quality. Following these tips will help you keep your sidewalk in top shape and reduce your chances of spending a lot of money on repairs.

Using a concrete contractor like Johnson Concrete for all your needs will help you keep your sidewalk in optimal condition. When you have access to professionals who know how to deal with sidewalk issues on your Kansas City property, you’ll have peace of mind about your choice.

If you want to know more about how to avoid cracks in your concrete sidewalks, contact us today for information.