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5 Causes of Concrete Sidewalk Cracks

Concrete Sidewalk Cracks

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So, do you know the common causes of concrete sidewalk cracks? This can become a frustrating problem for homeowners who have an otherwise gorgeous lawn and outdoor decor. The silver lining is that sidewalk cracks are avoidable if you can get professionals like Johnson Concrete to pave them for you.

Here are a few factors that contribute to cracks in your sidewalk concrete (and how you can avert the problem).

5 Causes of Concrete Sidewalk Cracks

This is not an exhaustive list, but it’s some of the most frequent problems that lead to broken sidewalk concrete.

  1. Insufficient Soil Compaction
    In a nutshell, this refers to whenever the soil underneath the sidewalk is too loose, which provides ample opportunity for shifting and the inevitable cracking, sinking, and heaving. While this might be the result of poor workmanship, it can also arise from natural soil shifting. At any rate, if the soil isn’t flush and tight with the concrete, then you run the risk of serious damage.
  2. Weather Impact
    Nature is bound to take its toll on sidewalks sooner or later. There is no perfect concrete. Both rain and sun exposure can weaken sidewalks over time. Cold weather can cause the material to freeze, expand, and crack as a result.
  3. Excessive Moisture
    While this often comes from rain, moisture issues are aggravated by engineering and installation oversights. Sidewalks at the bottom of a hill are vulnerable to puddles that will erode concrete. It’s even common for backyard patios to crack from moisture if the house’s gutters are ajar, exposing them to a lot of runoff water.
  4. Excessive Weight
    Did you or somebody else ever roll a large piece of farming equipment over your sidewalk? What about parking a large vehicle there for extended periods? There are many ways to damage your sidewalk through compact and shearing forces. It’s important to avoid overloading your sidewalk with heavy weights.
  5. Improper Installation
    This one’s a biggie because it shows that you can’t run and select the first contract concrete crew without proper vetting. Poor workmanship can make your concrete sidewalk vulnerable to premature cracking. Johnson Concrete provides the type of top-notch service you can expect from a professionally bonded, licensed, and insured company.

Other Sidewalk Problems

In addition to cracking, there are a couple of other problems you might encounter with sidewalks. These include sinking and heaving.

Sinking is usually another side effect of too much weight. It can also come from poorly compacted soil.

Heaving occurs whenever the soil shifts, typically from freezing or thawing. This is a significant problem for places like Kansas City that experience cold winters.

Ways to Address Sidewalk Cracks

Sidewalk cracks, on top of being unsightly, are a tripping hazard, become a breeding ground for weeds and bugs, and contribute to puddles and other nuisances. You want to nip this problem in the bud by ONLY using good concrete material, making sure it’s installed properly, and never overloading the sidewalk or putting it where it’s prone to water damage.

As you’ll see from this article about concrete grades, it’s common for industry professionals to pave sidewalks using C30 strength concrete. Johnson Concrete always utilizes the most appropriate material for every specific project.

Your business is important to us, which is why we insist on using excellent concrete. We also never cut corners, and do everything as affordably as possible.

Eliminate the Causes of Concrete Sidewalk Cracks with the Help of Johnson Concrete

If you’re ready to redo your sidewalks, patios, or any other concrete surface, then Johnson Concrete is at your service in the Kansas City area. You can confirm our excellent track record by reading through numerous testimonials and Google reviews, not to mention the visual evidence right there in our portfolio of completed projects.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether your sidewalk is cracked, sunken, or damaged in any other way. We’re happy to fix the problem for a fair rate.

Now that you know more about the causes of concrete sidewalk cracks, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us resolve the problem once and for all.