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What are the Different Types of Concrete Grades?

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Selecting the correct type for your construction project can feel overwhelming, with different types of concrete grades available. Hiring a reputable concrete contractor for your project will ensure that the correct material is used for the job.

At Johnson Concrete, we have expert knowledge of concrete grades and how to choose the right concrete mixture for the job. For your convenience, we have put together this explanation of concrete grades.

What is the Range of the Different Types of Concrete Grades

We measure concrete grade by the components of the concrete mixture and its expected compressive strength after 28 days. Industry experts use these measurements to grade concrete along a scale.

We have listed concrete grades from C5 to C40 and explained the characteristics of the mixture and strength within these grades.

The applicational uses of these concrete grades are generally accepted across the board but can differ based on various localities’ building codes and engineering requirements.

C5-C9 Grade Concrete

This grade is known as the wet/lean mix of concrete. In this mixture, the amount of wet components that make up the aggregate is greater than the cement. While this is the weakest grade of concrete, it serves crucial functions in many building and repair projects.

Concrete professionals often use the C5-C9 grade of concrete to buffer the soil and the main concrete foundation of a structure. They can pour this concrete to form a concrete bed in which they place steel reinforcements to reinforce the main concrete foundation.

C10 Grade Concrete

Concrete industry professionals can use C10 concrete for a variety of applications. This type of concrete is ideal for filling trenches, drainage applications, non-load-bearing walls, and floor blinding.

Floor blinding is the act of pouring a thin layer of C10-graded or less concrete above the fill layer of hardcore to create a level, smooth, and dry working surface, and call also form a buffer layer between the hardcore or ground and the main concrete.

Different Types of Concrete Grades: C15 Grade Concrete

C15 grade is a highly versatile type of concrete for residential purposes. This grade of concrete can be a great choice for use in small foundations for lightweight buildings such as sheds, concrete steps, garden and landscape walls, paths, residential flooring, and curbing.

Curbing refers to the lining of driveways, pathways, and sidewalks with a raised concrete edge. While C15 is an excellent, versatile choice for residential projects, it is typically not used as much in industrial applications.

C20 Grade Concrete

Concrete professionals often use C20 concrete in both residential and commercial building projects. This type of concrete is ideal for many concrete footings and small, lightweight foundations, concrete and trench fill, patios, small slabs, and curbing.

C25 Grade Concrete

C25 concrete is suitable for several applications such as constructing internal floor slabs, driveways, and shed foundations. Industry professionals often consider C25 grade concrete one of the most versatile as it is used widely in residential and commercial settings.

Different Types of Concrete Grades: C30 Grade Concrete

Industry professionals often use C30 concrete for outdoor settings such as patios, slabs, driveways, sidewalks, and other outdoor pathways and some roadways.

C35 Grade Concrete

C35 concrete is applicable for heavy-duty uses such as pathways traversed by heavy vehicles and equipment. This grade of concrete is ideal for outdoor applications such as heavy-duty pavements and slabs. It’s also a solid choice for structural work in buildings. Large commercial projects often require the use of C35 concrete.

C40 Grade Concrete

C40 concrete is a powerhouse concrete grade suitable for heavy-duty applications, mainly commercial building projects. It is ideal for structural foundations, heavy-duty roadways, and constructing industrial support beams and foundations.

Don’t Fret About the Different Types of Concrete Grades, Call In the Experts

At Johnson Concrete, we are experts in concrete and concrete installation. Whether you need a new concrete driveway, garage floor, patio, or parking lot, our expert team has you covered. So if you have a new concrete project in mind, don’t fret about the different types of concrete grades, just give us a call!