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Everything You Need to Know Before Getting a New Garage Floor

Everything You Need to Know Before Getting a New Garage Floor

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Whether you are replacing your old one or getting a new garage floor, there are a few things to consider. Types of material, coating, how you want it to look, maintenance, and what are you using your garage for?

Your garage floor needs to be installed correctly, as it is very difficult to fix once it has been set. You want your garage floor to last for many years to come, and stand up to the wear and tear.

Everything You Need to Know Before Getting a New Garage Floor

We don’t often think much about our garage floor until we have to. If yours is cracked, breaking, or crumbling, it’s time for a new one.

Get a Good Contractor

When you are getting a new garage floor, you want it installed professionally. There is not much point in trying to do it yourself. Making your new garage floor as a DIY is too risky.

A team of professionals will know what to do and what will work best for your situation. They are insured, licensed, and know what permits you will need. Don’t risk making a mess and having to pay more to have it done right.


Your garage floor is exposed to all sorts of chemicals and grease that can stain and damage it. Your car often has liquids dripping on the floor, the tires pick up all kinds of salt, chemicals, and other substances that can damage your floor.

A coating needs to be chemical resistant, scratch-resistant, renewable, and still be easy to clean. A good epoxy floor coating that can withstand the chemicals from all your household items and more. While we don’t do epoxy at Johnson Concrete, our team can refer you to someone.


You want your new floor to last for many years and withstand all the weight from your vehicles, storage, and as mentioned, the maintenance. A good solid concrete floor installed by the right team will help make your floor last a long time.

Not all concrete is alike, which is where your trusted contractor will be very important. If you need the garage floor to hold a few cars, a boat, or a motorhome, then that needs to be considered.


If you are planning on using your garage for something other than parking or storage, then you will want a floor that looks great and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.

Maybe you want to be able to back the car out and set up your workbench, the drum kit, or have the gang in for pizza and games night. Your floor should look nice but not be susceptible to stains, scratches, or cracks, and other damage.

Contact Johnson Concrete

Even if you don’t have plans for using your garage for anything but parking, you never know. Once you get a nice floor installed, your imagination might start to run wild.

Here at Johnson Concrete, we take your garage floor very seriously. It’s a big job to remove an old one, so we put them in right the first time. Contact us today.