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The Biggest Benefits of Sealing and Finishing Your Kansas City Concrete Surfaces

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If you have just had new concrete installed, you should consider sealing and finishing your Kansas City concrete surfaces. While concrete is meant to last for many years, it needs to be sealed and finished.

Sealing and finishing your concrete not only extends the life of the concrete, but it makes it look much better, as well. It doesn’t have to be dull and boring, it can have a lovely surface.

Finishing Your Kansas City Concrete Surfaces

Concrete finishing is a vital step in the installation of concrete surfaces. It helps the concrete to set correctly and prevents chipping. You can also get a non-slip finish and decorative finishes, to add a touch of style to your concrete.

Some areas, like floors, can be finished with different colors, and highly polished. Other surfaces, like your driveway, sidewalk, or patio can be finished to look a certain way.

That’s when your contractor uses a small flat board to smooth out the concrete. It leaves your concrete with a smooth, even appearance rather than a rough, uneven look. It makes it look less like concrete.

Sealing Your Concrete Surfaces

As hard as concrete is, it is still porous and can get wet, stained, and damaged. Kansas City concrete surfaces are up against a lot of elements due to weather, high traffic, and dirt from gardens and grass.


Sealing your concrete surfaces protects them against stains, water damage, severe weather, dirt, and everyday use. There are chemicals in fertilizers, fluids that leak from our cars, and other sources that come in contact with your concrete.

Water is no friend of concrete, so sealing it protects it against water. Water can seep in and under your concrete. Moisture can freeze, shift the soil underneath, cause cracks, erosion, and cause concrete to shift.

Extend the Life

All of the elements that your Kansas City concrete surfaces cope with every day can take their toll. By sealing the concrete, you are adding a minimum of ten years to your concrete.

Prevent Stains

Leaves, flowers, animal droppings, garbage, all of these things can land on your concrete and bleed their color into it. Sealing it will help keep that from happening and make cleaning your concrete surfaces much easier.

Lower Maintenance

You won’t have to worry as much about your concrete surfaces when they are sealed. You won’t have to clean it as often, it will be protected against stains, damage, mold, and even the sun’s UV rays.

Hold Color

If you have your Kansas City concrete surfaces painted or stained, then you definitely will want to have them sealed. The sealant will help keep that color bright and vibrant for much longer.

Harsh weather can damage all surfaces, including concrete. It is exposed all day, so having it professionally sealed will make sure the color holds for many years to come.

Curing Process

Concrete has its own curing process. In this process, you may get hairline cracks but with good reinforcement (re-bar and chairs) and sealant, the concrete should be fine.

Add Value to Your Home

Sealing and finishing your concrete surfaces makes it look so much better. That will add to your curb appeal and add value to your property. If you do plan on putting your home on the market, it will let potential buyers know you have taken great care of the home.

Sealing and Finishing Your Concrete Surfaces

If you have recently invested in new concrete, don’t think the job ends there. You want to get the surfaces finished and sealed to make them look better and last much longer.

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