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What Do You Need to Consider Before Having Your Kansas City Driveway Replaced?

Kansas City Driveway Replaced

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Having a Kansas City driveway replaced is something that most homeowners will need to consider at some point. Driveways are durable and long-lasting, but they don’t last forever by any means.

With that being the case, you’ll need to keep some considerations in mind. Read on to learn more about some of the most important things to consider as you decide whether to replace your Kansas City driveway.

How Much Damage Does Your Driveway Have?

Cracks and potholes in driveways are inevitable, with the Kansas City area having a climate that involves a yearly freezing and thawing cycle. However, some types of cracks are more serious than others. Of the two types of damage, potholes are the more damaging of two.

Potholes are more likely to cause damage to your tires or suspension system. When you damage your tires, this poses a safety threat to you and your passengers. Suspension system damage is very costly, and a damaged suspension system can also lead to accidents.

Wide or deep cracks may be a tripping hazard, as well as lead to broader driveway damage over time. Although it may seem tempting to repair these areas and hope for the best, a full replacement may be your best option in the long run.

What Needs to Be Done While Having Your Kansas City Driveway Replaced?

If you’ve decided to have your Kansas City driveway replaced, you may need to consider what has to be done to give the contractor room to work while your driveway is replaced. For example, where will you park your vehicles while the work is going on? Will anything need to be moved to help make way for the cement truck?

Although not having access to your driveway on a temporary basis may seem like an inconvenience, the benefits will outweigh these inconveniences in the long run. You’ll have full use of your new driveway for years to come, making the replacement a definite win. Everyone benefits when a driveway is kept in the best shape possible, and you’ll see further evidence when your home has greater curb appeal.

What Type of Restrictions Might Apply for Driveways?

Many homeowners in the Kansas City area live in municipalities or neighborhoods with restrictions that require preserving the architectural character of the home. Although these restrictions apply to the home itself, the driveway and other outdoor areas using concrete should also be considered. For example, if there are restrictions related to a home’s historic character to be kept in mind, you probably don’t want anything too drastically different for your driveway.

Another reason to be mindful of city ordinances or deed restrictions is that you don’t want to have to think about paying fines. A new driveway is an important investment, and you want to get the most for your money. Prospective buyers, should you decide to sell at some point, will appreciate a well-kept property.

Kansas City Driveway Replaced: How Long Has the Driveway Been There?

The age of your house may be a good indicator of whether it’s time for a new driveway. If your home is more than 30 years old, it’s probably time for a new driveway. Although driveways are designed to be long-lasting, they don’t last forever.

Everyday use will cause wear over time, even for driveways that are otherwise well-maintained. Winter weather in the Kansas City area is also a contributor, especially if de-icer has been used on the driveway. Soil expansion and contraction that occurs because of heavy rain and later drying will also decrease a driveway’s overall lifespan.

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