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6 Reasons to Go with a Concrete Driveway Rather than Gravel

Concrete Driveway Rather than Gravel

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It’s time to cover several reasons why it’s better to switch to a concrete driveway rather than gravel alternatives. Since we’re talking about one of the first things anybody sees when they visit your property, it’s crucial that you make it look beautiful, which means you can’t go too cheap on materials. Johnson Concrete believes in affordable but effective concrete solutions for all renovations, including driveway replacements.

6 Reasons to Go with a Concrete Driveway Rather than Gravel

  • Concrete Driveways Looks Better Than Most Gravel Choices
  • Gravel Gets Everywhere and Makes a Mess
  • You Have Way More Design Opportunities with Concrete
  • Concrete is Much More Durable
  • Concrete is Affordable Compared to a Variety of Material Options
  • Concrete is Pretty Easy to Clean and Maintain

Durability and consistency are huge advantages for concrete. We can’t even tell you how long gravel is supposed to last, because that hinges upon how well it withstands the wind knocking it everywhere. That’s a major con against gravel in places like Kansas and Missouri.

On the other hand, a well-paved concrete driveway can last you multiple decades and doesn’t require too much cleaning or maintenance, provided you let a competent contractor install it properly.

Typical Problems with Gravel Driveways

While it’s possible to find higher-quality gravel for many outdoor projects, we find that there are more drawbacks than advantages.

  • It generally doesn’t work well for longer driveways, even if it’s cheaper.
  • Heavy rainwater may wash away or at least displace the gravel. At a minimum, you’re stuck having to sweep it back to where it belongs after windy/rainy storms.
  • It snows in Kansas City, and it’s not easy to shovel snow from a gravel surface.
  • We’ve heard from homeowners who’ve had to get it re-graded every other year.
  • There tends to be a stigma against gravel as a rather non-premium material. This may be a problem for you if you’re considering putting your house up for sale.
  • Sometimes gravel driveways develop holes and can become really inconsistent and bumpy to drive over with your car.

Professional Services When You Go with a Concrete Driveway Rather than Gravel

One of the best parts of utilizing our professional concrete crew is that you’ll get a really nice job with plenty of design choices.

Why not avoid the potential stigma with gravel by adorning your home with a nice stamped concrete pattern? We have more than 10 different stamped concrete designs that work well for patios, walkways, and driveways. Also, instead of limiting yourself to fewer color tones and hues with gravel, concrete colors can become as elaborate as you want.

If you don’t want stamped concrete, you can still achieve something spectacular with a more affordable concrete slab. Don’t forget that the main reason folks love concrete is that it’s clean, solid, durable, and totally cost-effective.

Get a New Concrete Driveway with Johnson Concrete

Nobody would tell you that a gravel driveway can’t look nice, but we think you’ll appreciate the final result from a solid concrete finish much more. Before you make any decision, we invite you to check out these four key signs your driveway is ready to be replaced. It’s important to arm yourself with good information so that you can make good decisions when it comes to important projects like these.

Johnson Concrete specializes in concrete services for everything from patios and driveways to swimming pools and parking lots. We enjoy numerous written testimonials from our satisfied Kansas City clientele. This includes the highest possible aggregate rating, a full five stars, on Google reviews. In addition, Angie’s List recognized us in 2018 with the prestigious Super Service Award.

So, if you’re ready to go for a concrete driveway rather than gravel, don’t hesitate to schedule service with us today!