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Four Key Signs Your Driveway is Ready to Be Replaced

Four Key Signs Your Driveway is Ready to Be Replaced

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If your concrete driveway is showing signs of aging or damage, you may be wondering what are signs that your driveway is ready to be replaced. With proper maintenance, professionally and correctly installed concrete driveways can last up to thirty years before requiring replacement.

However, high-traffic wear, weather damage, incorrect installation, and lack of proper maintenance can cause your driveway to require replacement earlier.

At Johnson Concrete, we are experts in installing new concrete driveways. To help you determine if your concrete driveway is ready for replacement, we have listed below four key signs that signal your driveway requires replacement.

Signs Your Driveway is Ready to Be Replaced: Your Driveway Has Potholes

If your driveway has potholes, then you no longer can enjoy a smooth, secure parking area or place to gather and play basketball.

Instead, you run the risk of vehicle damage, debris and water build-up, and people tripping or falling in the holes. Once potholes are present in your driveway, significant damage has already occurred. The integrity of the driveway can become comprised and weakened.

Water that builds up in the potholes can further weaken the areas around the pothole, cause cracking, and seep into the ground beneath the driveway, causing drainage problems.

Your best bet is to avoid short-term repairs and have a new concrete driveway installed. At Johnson Concrete, we always properly prep the site with gravel and rebar to maintain a proper slope, drainage, and enhanced reinforcement of the driveway.

Along with proper maintenance and sealing your driveway every few years, our installment process will help prevent your new driveway from developing potholes and maximize the driveway’s longevity.

Long, Wide, and Deep Cracks are Signs Your Driveway is Ready to be Replaced

If your concrete driveway has substantial cracks, then it’s time to schedule a replacement. While small cracks are often repairable, long, wide, and deep cracks will only continue to progress as weather extremes cause destabilization of your concrete, especially as water freezes and thaws within the cracks.

If the cracks continue to expand across your driveway, it can result in large sections of the driveway becoming too uneven to conveniently traverse or drive over.

At Johnson Concrete, we can provide onsite consultation to assess the damage and determine if your driveway needs to be repaired.

If we recommend replacement, you can rest assured that as Kansas City’s #1 rated concrete contractors, we will provide excellent service and a high-quality, durable, and beautifully finished new concrete driveway.

Parts of Your Driveway Are Crumbling

Once the edges of your driveway start to crumble, deterioration is setting in and can indicate that your driveway needs to be replaced. The crumbling edges expose the inner material of the concrete, weakening it and creating more crumbling and cracks.

This can lead to chunks of the driveway falling apart. Replacing your driveway and sealing the new one, including the edges, with a high-quality concrete sealant is the best way to ensure your next driveway does not suffer the same fate as your previous one.

Sunken Areas Are Signs Your Driveway is Ready to be Replaced

A sinking driveway reduces your curb appeal and can be a trip hazard. It takes away the smooth, level surface and reduces your driveway to an unlevel mess.

The incorrect installation often causes sinking driveways. Once we prep our driveway site, fill soil must be effectively compacted and reinforced to prevent this problem of sinkage.

At Johnson Concrete, we use appropriately compacted fill soil, gravel, and rebar to ensure your driveway is secure, durable, and has a high weight-bearing capacity.

If your driveway is sinking, we can replace it with an expertly installed new concrete driveway that is securely reinforced and will last years to come.

Contact Johnson Concrete for Your New Concrete Driveway

If you have read this list and determined that you’re ready for a new driveway, rest assured that, at Johnson Concrete, we have you covered. If you recognize any of these four key signs your driveway is ready to be replaced, give us a call today!