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Questions to Ask Before Your Kansas City Parking Lot Installation

kansas city parking lot installation

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Kansas City parking lot installation is important, and you may wonder if this is right for your business. You and your customers and clients can both benefit from a parking lot that uses a long-lasting, attractive material.

Your business will be more accessible with a professionally-installed parking lot. A concrete parking lot also looks more attractive than gravel or dirt and gives you a more professional air.

If you’ve decided to take this step, here are some important questions to consider about your parking lot installation.

How Long Will the Parking Lot Last?

Concrete parking lots can reach or exceed 30 years if you opt for regular maintenance. Smooth finishing and strong reinforcement will help increase the lot’s longevity.

You’ll pay more for concrete upfront than you would for gravel or asphalt. However, most would consider the cost worth it in the long run because of the reduced maintenance required.

Does Kansas City Parking Lot Installation Come With Plenty of Choices?

Kansas City parking lot installation has such an impact on your property’s appearance that you may wonder how many choices you have. Concrete offers many texture and color options, making it one of the most flexible materials around.

If you want your parking lot to match your business colors, there are options for that available. Painting or staining can give you the color selection you want, as well as add to the aesthetic value.

Working with the right contractor will help you meet your goals because of the number of options available. Feel free to ask your contractor what choices are available for you.

What Type of Upkeep Will the Parking Lot Require?

Concrete parking lots will require less maintenance than their gravel or asphalt counterparts. Sealing every few years and power washing twice a year will keep most of these lots in optimal condition.

Your contractor should be willing to discuss the ideal maintenance schedule for your lot. Also, if there are any special considerations because of the materials used, they should also be willing to address these considerations.

Are You Licensed, Bonded, and Insured?

A concrete contractor with licensing, bonding, and insurance helps ensure that you have the necessary protection in case something goes wrong. Contractors with these credentials have the necessary training to work with concrete and can also conform to local codes.

There are things that can be wrong with a concrete project if left in the hands of someone without the proper experience. The parking lot might not look good and may provide a surface that isn’t safe for customers or clients to navigate, possibly leading to accidents.

Kansas City Parking Lot Installation: Do You Offer a Consultation?

A consultation can help you learn more about the best options for your parking lot. Although you might have an idea of what you want for your parking area, a professional can provide a better idea of what is necessary to pull everything together.

Although contractors provide consultations through a variety of means, an in-person consultation can provide the in-depth attention that your project requires. The contractor will be able to see what your business needs firsthand, and both of you can ask relevant questions more easily.

If you can have your consultation without sales pressure, this is a better situation all around. Contractors who use sales pressure often prompt their clients to make ill-informed choices, and you definitely don’t need that!

Johnson Concrete has the experience that you need for Kansas City parking lot installation, and also offers no-pressure, in-person consultations, contact us today to find out what we can do for your parking lot needs.