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Parking Lot Replacement FAQs

Parking Lot Replacement

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We thought you might benefit from learning what to expect when you take on a parking lot replacement project. If you run a business with lots of vehicles and parking traffic, then you probably know all too well how fast a parking lot can deteriorate and require cleaning, repair, and sometimes a complete overhaul.

Johnson Concrete wants to help you better understand the replacement process by answering these FAQs.

The Most Important Parking Lot Replacement FAQs

  1. What are the most common indicators that it’s time to replace your parking lock pavement?
    If your parking lot has cracks, uneven sections, broken edges, excessive puddles, or appears to be fading from sun exposure, it might be time for a refurbishing.
  2. What are the best materials for replacing a parking lot?
    While some parking lots rely on either asphalt or gravel, we’re partial to concrete, which we believe is much more durable.
  3. Why should I use concrete as opposed to gravel or asphalt for my business’s parking lot?
    Gravel is a loose material that usually succumbs to wind erosion eventually. Asphalt might do the job, but many business owners find concrete to be far more economical and just as durable.
  4. How much concrete does it take to resurface a parking lot?
    This depends on your expectations, but a heavy-duty lot typically has 8 inches of concrete on top of about 6 inches of sub-base. Granted, if you want to reduce costs, some opt for only 5 inches of concrete with no sub-base.

These are just a few important questions you might have regarding parking lot resurfacing. Then, there are a few other concerns as well.

Other Parking Lot Replacement Concerns

There’s nothing worse than a parking lot full of potholes, craters, gum stains, oil stains, and other things that generally detract from your business’s aesthetics. You don’t want to allow these to get out of control, which means you may want to do repair work and cleaning in lieu of a full overhaul. It’s possible to do this by mixing and combining half concrete with half gravel and using it to address potholes and other damages.

Also, if your parking area is mostly dirt without much of anything else, we can do a full parking lot from scratch with exclusively concrete. This is difficult, definitely not a DIY paving project, and requires a professional who knows how to level out the soil to avoid cracking, sinking, and heaving later on down the road.

More Great Commercial Concrete Services

Are you having any other problems with broken or damaged surfaces in and around your business? Well, have no fear, because we also address several other concerns, including:

  • New Interior & Exterior Slabs
  • Entrances
  • Footings
  • Sidewalks & Curbs
  • Suspended Decks
  • . . . and more!

We place our focus on permanent and reliable concrete solutions for both commercial and residential customers.

You’re a busy business owner and probably don’t have much time to address all the possible infrastructural problems. That’s why we offer to expediently take care of them for you. Speaking of sidewalks, if you think you’re having trouble in that area, check out our post on the 5 signs your commercial property needs a new sidewalk.

Call Johnson Concrete for All Commercial Concrete Purposes

Whether you’re a residential homeowner and want to address the cracks in your driveway or a business owner trying to deal with the same frustration in your busy parking lot, Johnson Concrete can help. Our team is fully licensed, bonded, and insured to handle all manners of concrete paving. That’s important because you can’t afford to allow amateurs to do tasks like this unless you want to redo the parking lot all the time.

You can depend on us because we’re an A+-rated business with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and we’ve earned the Super Service Award from Angie’s List. We can confidently boast of our status as the top commercial concrete contractor in Kansas City.

Hopefully, these parking lot replacement FAQs were illuminating and you’ll call Johnson Concrete whenever you’re ready to get the best concrete work done at your business.