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5 Signs Your Commercial Property Needs a New Concrete Sidewalk

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Are you wondering if your business needs a new concrete sidewalk? The appearance outside of your business says just as much as your actual company. Not only is a damaged sidewalk unsightly, but it can be dangerous.

Concrete is extremely durable but it still needs a bit of help now and then. If it is exposed to the elements and heavy traffic, it can start to get damaged. When this happens, you need to hire a professional concrete contractor.

5 Signs Your Commercial Property Needs a New Concrete Sidewalk

Keeping all aspects of your commercial property in great shape is a reflection on you and your business.

1. Cracks

If your small cracks have turned into bigger ones, you need a new concrete sidewalk. Cracks can trip people, and they also collect moisture, which can damage the sidewalk even more.

These can happen due to e-icing chemicals, too much moisture, freezing and thawing, or underground problems with tree roots or soil issues. Once cracks form, they will only get bigger.

2. Uneven Sections

You may need a new concrete sidewalk if the sections of yours are starting to lift or sink. This can be very dangerous for people walking on it. They can get injured or even sue you.

Moisture, damaged soil underneath, rapid changes in temperature, or other factors can cause a lot of damage to your sidewalk. If yours is lifting or dropping down, it needs to be taken care of right away.

3. Broken Edges

The edges of your sidewalk can get broken and start to crumble away. This can happen if vehicles drive over them, heavy foot traffic, and the elements. These can also be a hazard to pedestrians.

Rather than trying to repair these broken edges, you will need a new concrete sidewalk installed. If left alone, they will get worse and cause problems for people walking and small pieces can get into the drainage system.

4. Pooling Water or Moisture

Water can gather underneath your sidewalk and even on top of it. If there is too much moisture the sidewalk can sink, slide, or break. If there is a lot of water along the edges or below, there’s likely a problem with your drainage system.

You will need to have the sidewalk removed, the drainage problem taken care of, and then have a new concrete sidewalk installed. This drainage problem can cause water and moisture problems for your business, as well.

5. Fading Concrete or Loose Pavers

Once the concrete starts to fade, it can also weaken in structure. The sun and cold can damage more than just the surface of your sidewalk. The weather can also cause the pavers to come loose, so they jump when they are stepped on.

After several years, the surface damage can spread all the way through, leaving your concrete sidewalk damaged and susceptible to more problems, or causing injuries.

New Concrete Sidewalk

The bottom line is that your business is important and it needs to function as well as it can in all areas. Your sidewalk is not just a way into your store, it is a reflection of your whole business.

People may get injured and they may even sue you for damages. That is not something you need on your business profile. If you are noticing some problems or damage with your commercial property sidewalk, it may be time for a new concrete sidewalk.

Give us a call at Johnson Concrete and we can give you an estimate for repairs. Keep your business safe.