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How To Properly Maintain Your Parking Lot Concrete

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Pouring parking lot concrete is an expensive project that demands proper preparation and installation. Even after the concrete in your parking lot is poured, there are several simple things you can do to maintain the surface.

When you maintain your parking lot correctly, the surface lasts longer and ensures you don’t have to replace the concrete sooner than you usually would. It’s essential to know that some damages to the concrete in parking lots are unavoidable, but proper maintenance can help extend the lifespan.

Installing Parking Lot Concrete Properly

One factor that makes maintaining your concrete parking lot easier is ensuring it’s installed correctly. For instance, when a team of experienced professionals like the ones at Johnson Concrete install a parking lot correctly, it prevents premature damage.

The most integral part of parking lot installation is the base. When concrete surfaces don’t have a strong base, there are structural issues that can lead to deterioration over time.

Ensuring The Parking Lot Is Cleaned Annually

One easy maintenance tip is ensuring your parking lot is cleaned at least once a year. Although oil spills, grease, and other substances can’t cause serious structural damage, they can weaken the concrete over time.

Therefore, cleaning the parking lot’s concrete ensures the surface is protected. Additionally, clean parking lots make a better impression on your customers and keep the surface looking excellent for years.

Annual Sealing Helps Maintain Your Parking Lot

An easy thing you can do to protect your parking lot is to seal the joints annually. When you use a sealant, the concrete is better protected from water and dirt.

Over time, concrete joints can get damaged from temperature changes and excess weight on top of the surface. As a result of the damages, cracks and deterioration form.

Therefore, a sealant is an excellent way to protect the concrete in your parking lot and ensure the surface is free from avoidable damage.

Repair Parking Lot Concrete Cracks Right Away

Small cracks in a parking lot are bound to happen. That said, filling and sealing these cracks as soon as you notice them is essential for long-term protection.

If water seeps into a crack, it can penetrate the base of the concrete and cause severe structural damage. Therefore, filling in these cracks right away is incredibly important.

If you want the concrete in your parking lot to last as long as possible, filling and sealing cracks immediately is vital.

What Causes Cracks In Concrete?

There are several factors that cause concrete cracks. Some factors can be avoided, while others are simply unavoidable. Regardless of what causes cracks in a parking lot, it is important to handle them immediately, so the concrete doesn’t endure as much damage.

One thing that causes parking lot cracks is significant weight. Surfaces like parking lots experience a lot of vehicle and foot traffic. The significant weight is a lot for the surface to handle and eventually causes cracks.

Another factor that can cause concrete cracks is the weather. Because areas like Kansas City experience drastic weather changes and frequent freeze and thaw cycles, the concrete contracts and expands often, and this constant movement sometimes leads to concrete cracks.

Lastly, water damage can cause cracks and deterioration. When water consistently absorbs into concrete, the materials slowly degrade. Eventually, water can cause cracks in the concrete. Concrete damage caused by water is unavoidable, which is why it’s important to take proper maintenance steps.

Commercial Concrete Services By The Best

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