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Common Concrete Driveway Problems & How to Avoid It

concrete driveway problems

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Do you know how to avoid these common concrete driveway problems?

Even the best concrete material is vulnerable to all the forces and substances attacking it, both natural and manmade. Whether it’s car oil or shifting soil, there’s a lot of potential for trouble, but there are ways to limit the damage. Let’s explore the many potential driveway issues and identify reliable solutions.

The Worst Concrete Driveway Problems You May Encounter

  1. Driveway Cracks
    • This always tops the list because, unlike the other issues, it’s not the type of thing you can “clean.” Cracks often spell the end of the concrete’s lifespan, which leads folks to seek replacement options. Why do concrete cracks occur? It can result from parking heavy vehicles over them too often, but you can also suffer cracks and heaving from soil contraction and expansion beneath the surface.
  2. Motor Oil Stains
    • We would obviously blame this problem on our cars, trucks, SUVs, and lawn care equipment. Once it reaches a certain point, you can forget about cleaning oil and grease from concrete. However, if you catch it fast, there are a few remedies. Some property owners will use overnight stain removers and other cleaning agents to clear up most of the problem. But it’s important to be extremely cautious when using these cleaning agents, as anything too strong will cause the concrete to crack.
  3. Black Mold
    • Mold is a constant problem for driveways and concrete patios. We seem to struggle with it most during the rainy season since it flourishes amid all the humidity. This is where it helps to own a pressure washer. Select the correct PSI and water temperature to wash any mold or algae off your pavement without damaging the materials.

What Do You Do If Simple Fixes Don’t Work?

Like we alluded to in the beginning, it’s not always possible to perform a quick fix once the damage becomes too severe. Concrete driveway replacement may be the best solution if you want something brand new again. Johnson Concrete would be more than happy to meet you for an inspection and no-pressure evaluation if you’re leaning toward that direction.

Reasons to Get a New Concrete Driveway

Finally, we’d like to remind you of the many fantastic reasons to install a new concrete driveway for your residential home.

  • It’ll make parking so much easier and safer if you don’t have to navigate around those massive cracks in the way.
  • Perhaps you have more vehicles now, and need additional space to park them. We can help you expand your driveway to accommodate those needs.
  • Are you thinking about selling your house? You can turn that weakness into an aesthetic strength by paving a new driveway. This adds home value, which allows you to ask for a higher selling price.
  • Then again, you can always remain where you are and enjoy all that new curb appeal. In 2023, it’s easier than ever to explore various shapes, designs, and styles to make your driveway and property the envy of the entire neighborhood.

Call Johnson Concrete for Solutions to All Concrete Driveway Problems

Johnson Concrete is the Kansas City community’s top contractor for concrete refurbishment. We encourage you to verify everything we claim by referencing it with what our satisfied clients say about us. It’s not just rhetoric when you see how real homeowners and business owners benefit from our reliable concrete services.

If you want to find solutions to these frustrating concrete driveway problems without spending a fortune, then contact us anytime for professional assistance in Kansas City.