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4 Reasons Installing a New Kansas City Concrete Driveway is a Wise Decision

Four Reasons Installing a New Kansas City Concrete Driveway is a Wise Decision

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Installing a new Kansas City concrete driveway has many benefits like increased curb appeal, higher property value, easy and safer parking, and a smooth path for snow removal.

By choosing a new concrete driveway, you are choosing an extremely smooth, appealing, durable material with a high weight-bearing capacity.

At Johnson Concrete, we are experts in installing durable, secure, appealing concrete driveways that last decades with proper maintenance.

Continue reading on to learn more about our top four reasons why installing a new concrete driveway is a wise decision.

Increased Curb Appeal

Newly installed concrete driveways can provide significant curb appeal. When poured and set by concrete installation professionals, concrete driveways have an extremely smooth, clean, sleek look that draws the eye to your home and lightens up your home’s exterior. They can be poured in gentle curves that flow well with the aesthetic of landscaped yards, lined pathways, and gardens.

As concrete driveway installation experts, we can provide a secure, reinforced durable driveway that has both a high weight-bearing capacity and looks amazing. With proper maintenance, you can upkeep the sleek, smooth, and bright look of your driveway for years to come.

Installing a New Kansas City Concrete Driveway is a Wise Decision: Higher Property Value

A newly installed concrete driveway can improve your property value. If you’re thinking of selling your home soon or in the next few years, installing a new concrete driveway can be a fantastic way to increase your property value and add an attractive selling point to the home.

Concrete driveways with potholes, cracks, large stains, and sunken areas are a huge turn-off to potential buyers as they are both aesthetically undesirable and can be hazardous to vehicles and people walking across them. By getting a new concrete driveway installed, you can provide a beautiful scene and a great first impression of the house’s exterior as potential buyers arrive to view the home.

Easier and Safe Parking

Some driveways are just too small to accommodate more than one or two vehicles. If you are in this position, installing a new concrete driveway can present a great opportunity to increase parking capacity at your home.

At Johnson Concrete, we can provide a detailed on-site consultation to understand your goals and create a plan to accomplish them, such as installing a wider driveway to accommodate multiple vehicles.

Even if you don’t need extra parking, installing a new concrete driveway can increase the safety of your vehicles. Potholes can damage your vehicle and result in an expensive trip to the mechanic. Potholes and large cracks can also fill with water and hide nails and other small sharp objects that can puncture your vehicle’s tires.

By installing a new concrete driveway, you can protect your vehicles along with increasing the curb appeal and property value of your home.

Installing a New Kansas City Concrete Driveway is a Wise Decision: A New Shape or Design

You may have a few qualms with your current driveway but desire a different shape, texture, or color. A new concrete driveway installation offers design flexibility.

You may be interested in creating a uniquely curved or fanned shape to the driveway for aesthetic reasons or to flow better with your landscaping. Or, you may wish to create a smooth, flared-out area of the driveway away from your vehicles perfect for setting up a basketball hoop for your kids. You may also be interested in stamped or other textured looks.

When you start from scratch with a new concrete driveway, you can share your design and application goals from the start with your installation company and ensure you’re getting a fantastic setup for your home and family.

At Johnson Concrete, we can offer our expert services to create your dream concrete driveway.

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