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Why Fall is the Perfect Time to Install a New Parking Lot for Your Business

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If you need to install a new parking lot, it is a smart move to wait until fall. The temperature can have a big effect on how concrete reacts on how concrete pours and dries.

In cases of emergency, concrete can be poured almost any time of year, but fall tends to provide the best conditions. Installing a new parking lot is a big job and you should try to provide the best working conditions for the best results.

Installing a New Parking Lot

You should always consult with your concrete contractor before going ahead with a big job like a parking lot.


People often start to think about home improvements, renovations, and bigger jobs when spring comes around. But spring also means a lot of rain. You don’t want to install a parking lot in the pouring rain.

The ground can be very soft and muddy. This does not bode well for getting a smooth even surface. You may also experience an unexpected snowfall, which can really change the texture of the concrete.

Spring may also bring high winds, which can dry your concrete too quickly. That can cause the concrete to develop cracks and it may not be as strong. For a parking lot, you want ideal conditions.


Winter can also prove to have problems when installing a new parking lot. It can be difficult to plan the perfect day to install concrete. We can pour concrete at any temperature 28 degrees and higher. While it’s not ideal, we can do it.

There could be an unexpected blizzard or a thaw, which will make everything too wet. If it gets too much water inside it and then freezes again, you will find a lot of cracks.

It’s also difficult for the crew to work in freezing temperatures. Equipment may not work as well, and the concrete will not respond the way you need it to for the perfect surface of your parking lot.


Many people book their concrete jobs during the summer months. Most assume that the hot weather will make everything much easier. This is not true. If the weather is too hot, it can make pouring concrete difficult.

The heat and lack of humidity can cause the concrete to dry much too quickly. It needs time to set and it needs moisture. There is also a chance of hot wind, which will make the concrete dry even faster.

This can cause shrinking and cracks to form. The surface of your parking lot will be uneven and nowhere near as strong as you need it to be. A business parking lot sees a lot of action and it will start to fall apart long before its time.


Not too hot and not too cold. Because everyone wants work done in the summer, crews will be booked solid. Fall is a better time, as it’s also not too damp.

The concrete has time to set currently ensuring it is safe and will last a long time. Concrete needs air, moisture, and time. The fall, say September should be ideal.

When to Install a New Parking Lot

If you have the luxury to wait until fall, you can rest assured your concrete will dry evenly and stay solid and secure for many years. For more information or to book an appointment, please contact us here at Johnson Concrete today.

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