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Why Choose a Concrete Driveway for Your Kansas City Home

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If you need to put in a new driveway or replace an old one, there are plenty of reasons you should think about a concrete driveway. Not only does your driveway serve a great purpose, but it also adds appeal and aesthetics to your home.

A properly installed concrete driveway that is also maintained will last a long time and add a great deal of curb appeal to your home. Concrete is open to so many options, that it really is the best choice.

Why Choose a Concrete Driveway for Your Kansas City Home

When looking at the reasons you should get a concrete driveway, remember that even though the initial cost may be more than other materials, the other benefits all pay for themselves.


Concrete is one of the strongest construction materials of all time. When it is properly installed and maintained it will last for many years. It can withstand a lot of weight, so if you have several cars, a motorhome, camper, or other vehicles that sit for long periods of time, concrete will endure.

They can withstand extreme weather, heat, hail, ice and snow, and as long as it is poured correctly and sealed, you should need to worry about the moisture getting in.

Low Maintenance

Your concrete driveway requires very little maintenance. Once it is paved and sealed all you need to do is wash off dirt using either pressure washing for large stains or a gentle solution of dish detergent and water.

Small cracks or chips can easily be repaired in a DIY situation, or call in a professional to maintain the drive for you. These cracks are inevitable, so the faster you have them tended to, the longer the concrete drive will last.

Apply a high-quality sealer to all exterior concrete slabs exposed to freeze-thaw conditions whether plain or decorative. It will help protect the concrete from moisture, mold and mildew, exposure to chemicals, and grease and oil stains.

Don’t let your grass cutting or fallen leaves sit on the driveway as they can bleed into the concrete causing stains and discoloration. Trim the grass beside the driveway so it doesn’t stain the sides.

More Options

When you choose concrete for your driveway, your options are nearly endless. Gone are the days of grey slabs. You can get color, designs, stamped, and all kinds of patterns and textures to brighten the driveway and make it look fantastic.

These choices include concrete that can mimic almost every other material, from wood, natural stone, wood, and paver stones without having to actually install each piece individually.

Cost Reduction

Concrete may seem a bit more expensive upfront, but its durability and low maintenance more than make up for that. Yes, concrete will eventually crack or chip, but when handled right away, they are cheaper to repair than many other materials.

Plus, small cracks can often be completed by the homeowner, if they know what needs to be done. Otherwise, small repairs and a sealing once a year will extend the life of your concrete driveway for years to come.

Concrete Driveways

If you need more information about a concrete driveway, please contact us here at Johnson Concrete. For driveway replacement, there’s no better contractor to address all of your needs than us.

We understand the importance of your driveway to you, and we have everything that it takes to ensure that your driveway will last a lifetime and continue to give you years and years of service all while increasing the curb appeal and value of your home.