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When Should You Hire a Kansas City Stamped Concrete Patio Contractor?

Stamped Concrete Patio Contractor

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A Kansas City stamped concrete patio contractor will be one of the best types of home improvement professionals you are likely to work with. However, to get the most from your experience, you will need to make sure stamped concrete is the best solution for your property.

The best thing about this concrete option is that it is one of the most versatile. Read on to learn more about some of the situations where stamped concrete is the best choice.

Will You Use Your Patio as a Focal Entertainment Space?

People who have patios customarily use them a lot, but not all are major entertaining areas. If you frequently invite company over for outdoor entertaining, a patio is a perfect place for those activities. Patios offer several distinct advantages over grassy backyards and wooden decks, including:

  • Being more skid-resistant, which makes the surface safer for household members and guests of all ages and mobility levels
  • Requires very little or no maintenance, compared to wooden decks that may warp or rot
  • There are many options for textures and colors, with an installation method that requires little disruption to your daily life

Do You Want a Kansas City Stamped Concrete Patio Contractor to Add a New Look?

One of the reasons homeowners often hire a Kansas City stamped concrete patio contractor is because they want their property to have a great new look. Many houses in the Kansas City area have interesting architectural elements. A patio that uses a versatile concrete material allows you to have something that matches your home’s character perfectly.

One of the looks perfect for older homes is brick or cobblestone. However, these two materials are some of the more expensive, partly due to increased maintenance needs. Stamped concrete offers a look resembling these materials where you don’t have to worry about as much maintenance.

Flagstone is another popular style for stamped concrete that looks beautiful on patios. One of the nice things more many about flagstone is that there are different styles within this category. You can easily have a flagstone patio that matches your house’s color scheme.

Stamped concrete resembling wood planks provides a timeless, somewhat rustic look. However, unlike real wood planks, you don’t need to worry about replacement and other maintenance. You’ll get the look of natural wood that you love, without the problems that can come with the upkeep.

Thinking About Form Along With Functionality for Your Patio

Even if your patio is not a major entertaining space, there are valid reasons to consider using a contractor specializing in stamped concrete. If you spend a lot of time on the patio during the warmer weather, the patio is easy to see as an extension of your living space. There are a lot of things you can do in keeping with this idea that makes stamped concrete a perfect choice.

If you like to have some of your meals outside during the warmer weather, your concrete can match the flooring in your kitchen or dining area. Unlike having hardwood or tile, you won’t have to do a lot to keep your patio clean. Sweeping and twice-yearly power washing is usually sufficient for patios.

It’s important for homeowners to choose their inlay designs carefully. Although stamped concrete is very versatile and will last for years, some designs do better with a lot of patio furniture than others. If you customarily have a lot of furniture on your patio, you’ll want to consider the placement very carefully.

You can include the link to our website that shows all of the stamp designs and colors that we use.

Hire a Kansas City Stamped Concrete Patio Contractor: Are You Ready for Your Dream Patio?

One of the many things about stamped concrete that has such broad appeal is the ability to add extra layers and depth to the design. At Johnson Concrete, we’re experienced in creating ideal patios.

If you’re ready to use us as your Kansas City stamped concrete patio contractor, contact us today to get started.