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What Questions Should You Ask Your Commercial Concrete Contractor?

Commercial Concrete Contractor

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When using a commercial concrete contractor, there are several important questions to think about. The reason these questions are so important is that the answers can help you determine whether the contractor is acting in your best interests or looking out for their bottom line.

The overall success of your concrete project may depend on your contractor’s approach to these issues. Here are the important questions to keep in mind as you select a contractor for your commercial concrete job.

What Type of Concrete Work Has Your Company Completed Before?

Many concrete companies have online portfolios you can review for a better idea of the quality of work they have completed before. Even if the portfolio isn’t online, the contractor should still have photos from past projects available. A project completed well is an asset for any contractor and they should want to constantly reach out to new prospects, with a portfolio being one of their best-selling tools.

When a contractor lacks a portfolio, this is a red flag that should make you rethink whether you want to work with this contractor. A contractor without a portfolio may lack the necessary experience for the job, or they may have produced sub-par work that they do not want potential clients to see. If they are not completely upfront about their work, something is wrong

Ask Your Commercial Concrete Contractor About Their Insurance and Certifications

A commercial concrete contractor should have insurance, as well as certifications. Insurance helps offer protection from liability issues that might arise during the work completed. Asking to see proof of current insurance is always a good idea to make sure that everybody has adequate protection.

How Long Will the Concrete Project Take?

One thing to take careful note of is whether the contractor can give your company a timeframe for the project. After all, you need to know how long the contractor will be there because this work will probably affect your customers. Be on the lookout for estimates that seem too good to be true and don’t keep possible glitches in mind.

Unexpected glitches need to be kept in mind, like weather-related issues. Other construction going on at adjacent properties could also impact your timeframe. An estimate should allow everyone enough time to work with when the unexpected comes up.

What Will the Concrete Project Cost?

Non-refundable down payments are very typical of concrete contractors. One thing that will raise a red flag for many is a contractor asking for the entire amount upfront. In most cases, the business will pay a down payment and pay the remainder upon completion of the work.

Once the contractor has agreed to do the job, they should be able to give you a detailed estimate. This estimate should include all the necessary costs so you have no unexpected surprises. If the contractor is not willing to provide information about why they charge you will be doing well to consider using somebody else for the job.

Commercial Concrete Contractor: How Do You Get Started on a Concrete Project for Your Business?

If you’ve decided your company is ready to have concrete work done, you will benefit from using an experienced company like Johnson Concrete for all your needs. Contact us today to ask any questions or get started working with a commercial concrete contractor.