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What You Need to Know Before Your Kansas City Pool Removal

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A Kansas City pool removal is a big job. Maybe you have recently bought a house that has a pool you want to be removed or are just looking at utilizing the space better.

It is a big job but one that can be done so that you or potential buyers will ever know it was there. It is also a job that you can not do on your own. An old swimming pool can be a lot of work and maintenance.

What You Need to Know Before Your Kansas City Pool Removal

Having your Kansas City pool removed can open up a lot of space in your backyard and save you money on operating an old pool. If you have an old pool that you don’t or can’t use, it may be time to have it removed.

Clear the Area

Get everything out of the way. You need to make room for the crew and the equipment to get in without anything getting damaged. The crew needs access to the pool, so that means the driveway, backyard, and the street.

Take the toys, bikes, shed, tools, swing sets, and even long, low-hanging branches that may need to be pruned back. You don’t want to risk anything getting damaged or anyone getting injured if these items are in the way.

This also includes your fence or hedges if they are in the way. The heavy equipment needs to be able to get in and work without disturbing anything except the pool.

Keep People and Pets Away

It’s a good idea to let your neighbors know what is going on. Getting the word out at least a week in advance can save you and your neighbors a lot of heartache or problems.

If their kids or pets are fond of wanding into your yard, let them know this will not be possible. If your neighbors are planning a backyard event in their own yard, they will want to know what is going on.

Keep your kids and pets inside. It is very exciting for both to watch what is happening but do that from a window safely inside the home. Make sure your neighbors or family don’t drop by unannounced.

Plan Ahead

You need to plan for your Kansas City pool removal. It can take several days or a week, be very disruptive to your household and your neighborhood, and be very loud.

There will be a lot of dirt and debris flying around, as well, so make sure everything that you can’t remove is covered or protected, like your flower bed or open veranda.

Call The Experts

While a general contractor may say they are quite capable of removing a pool, they also may just want the job. There are permits needed, knowledge of pools and your landscaping, and how a pool goes in and comes out.

The heavy equipment can damage your street, your driveway, your yard or landscaping, sewer, septic tank, and even your home or garage. You don’t want to hire the wrong team and be stuck having to take care of damages or a big mess.

Kansas City Pool Removal

Having your old pool removed can be a great idea. It can make your property more appealing should you decide to sell, and it increases the safety level around your home.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us here at Johnson Concrete.  Let us know what type of removal you are interested in and we can come out and give you a free estimate.