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What are the Benefits of Commercial Parking Lot Installation?

Commercial Parking Lot Installation

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Commercial parking lot installation offers a lot of major benefits for your business. In fact, opting to install a commercial parking lot is one of the smartest moves you can make for your business.

Concrete requires little maintenance, is long-lasting, and is one of the most durable materials on the market. A regular parking lot looks good, too. Read on to learn more about the benefits a parking lot offers for your business.

Commercial Parking Lots Require Less Maintenance and Cost

Concrete is one of the most long-lasting paving materials, capable of lasting 25-30 years or more. To put this into perspective, asphalt lasts an average of about 15 years. Material that lasts for a shorter time will require more maintenance and expenses that include:

  • Sealing
  • Re-striping
  • Extra layers

Concrete costs less per square inch than asphalt, a statistic that surprises many. The extra subgrade work required with asphalt is an extra expense to consider, along with curbs and gutters. Concrete installation, on the other hand, allows the curbs and gutters to be installed at the same time, which saves time and expenses.

Commercial Parking Lot Installation is Energy-Efficient and Safer

Commercial parking lot installation using concrete allows your lot to reflect more light because the surface is smooth and the color is lighter. In addition to the maintenance and material costs being lower, you will likely save 30-35% yearly on your utility bills. If you use LED lighting to illuminate this area, you will see even bigger savings.

Because concrete reflects light so effectively, it can help reduce your buildings’ ambient temperatures. One of the advantages of lowering building temperatures is less overall stress on HVAC systems.

Because the surface is more reflexive, it helps make things safer for customers and employees at night. Drivers can see obstacles or pedestrians a lot more easily, especially if you use good lighting in the area.

Concrete Has Excellent Aesthetical Value for Your Business

One of the things that draw many business owners to concrete is how much it stands out in comparison to asphalt. In many cases, concrete gives the impression of your property is better maintained.

Another way concrete offers great aesthetic value is by being a material that is fully customizable. You can have it shaped to resemble stone, brick, or wood for a closer match.

Concrete can also feature virtually any texture or pattern you want. The versatility also extends to color choices. No matter how unusual your commercial building is, you can have your parking lot blend in.

A Commercial Parking Lot With Concrete Can Be “Green”

In addition to reducing your energy bills, parking lot installation offers other “green” benefits. Because there is less maintenance, fewer energy resources are required. Concrete parking areas can also help reduce heat spiking in the area.

One of the things that appeal to many is how concrete utilizes recycled materials. All of the components used in concrete are fully recyclable, unlike asphalt. Fewer building materials entering landfills are good for the planet.

Concrete is easy to manufacture locally. Because the material is made locally, there is no air pollution associated with transporting materials over long distances.

Another benefit of concrete is that it does not require packing materials like boxes or pallets. Concrete contracts pour what they are using directly from the trucks, so you have nothing to think about disposing of.

What to Do If You’re Ready to Get Started

Concrete easily stands the test of time, being one of the most strong, most durable materials on the market. In addition to its durability, concrete is one of the most customizable materials, allowing your parking lot to stand out. Johnson Concrete is experienced in commercial parking lot installation, contact us today to see what we can do for you.