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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Concrete Patio for Your Home

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Concrete Patio

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If you’re planning upgrades to your home’s exterior, you may be wondering about tips for choosing the perfect concrete patio for your home. Concrete patios can provide a fantastic place for outdoor gatherings, family dinners on warm summer nights, or a place to lean back on patio furniture and soak up the sun’s rays.

At Johnson Concrete, we offer a wide selection of stunning concrete patio installments. You can choose from a variety of textures, shapes, and colors to fit the aesthetic of your home and what you plan on using the patio for.

As experts in the concrete installation field, we have provided this list of tips to consider when selecting your dream concrete patio.

Think About How the Patio Will Be Used

In planning your concrete patio, you’ll want to think about its practical use first before aesthetic design. How many people do you anticipate regularly using the patio? Do you want the patio to have a small, intimate feel for a couple of people to enjoy, or do you have a big family or friend group and plan on having large dinners on your patio under the summer night sky?

Do you plan on keeping the patio open or do you want to decorate it like an outdoor living room with tables, comfy seating, an outdoor fireplace, or ornamental fixtures?

Will it serve, for example, primarily as a relaxation zone next to a pool, as a prime outdoor bbq spot, or as an elegant outdoor entertainment spot? Once you nail down how you envision using your concrete patio, then you’ll be able to think about style.

One of Our Tips for Choosing the Perfect Concrete Patio is to Consider Stamping

Concrete patios can be stamped to mimic materials like brick, stone, wood, and tile. Think about the style of your home exterior and yard. For example, do you have intensive landscaping that gives your home a peaceful garden feel?

If so, consider having your patio stamped to mimic stone. This look will flow beautifully with a garden aesthetic, especially if you have bamboo, ponds, or fountains.

Consider Scored and Grooved Patterns

Contractors add designs to the concrete patio through scoring and grooving. We can use a variety of tools to score designs on the patio, and we use grooving to create single lines or geometric shapes with intersecting lines.

Our Expert Tips for Choosing the Perfect Concrete Patio Include Color Staining

At Johnson Concrete, we offer many concrete stain options and can even create a custom stain to match your home. Staining the concrete patio will add a layer of depth and dimensionality. Warm stains are wonderful for creating an inviting, cozy feel and can also pair wonderfully with brick and wood-stamped patios.

Think About Adding an Inlay Design

Inlay designs can create stunning effects on concrete patios. You can choose from several materials to create mosaics and other beautiful designs and images. Some inlay materials include glass, tile, stones, and metal. Just consider the longevity of the materials and how you want to use the patio before deciding on an inlay design.

Contact Johnson Concrete for Your Dream Concrete Patio

At Johnson Concrete, we take pride in offering expert concrete installations and especially love to provide an added layer of design and depth to concrete patios. We know how important creating useful, inviting outdoor space for our homes is, and we’re here to help.

If you’ve read through our tips for choosing the perfect concrete patio for your home and want to take the next step in planning your dream concrete patio, then contact us today!