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The Process of Installing a Stamped Concrete Patio

installing a stamped concrete patio

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What is the process of installing a stamped concrete patio for homeowners interested in this lucrative upgrade?

This isn’t always a simple task because there are several variables, especially whenever it involves outdoor concrete. However, stamped concrete patios are one of the finest ways to bolster your backyard ambiance and make your house everyone’s favorite place for a delightful summer party. Here’s an outline of what makes all that possible.

Johnson Concrete’s Process for Installing a Stamped Concrete Patio

  1. We Meet You for a Quick Consultation
    • Everything we do begins with a home consultation and inspection. It’s essential for us to know what you want, where you want it, and to understand any other concerns you may have regarding a new patio. As a reliable Kansas City concrete contractor, Johnson Concrete will provide a ballpark cost estimate as well.
  2. Site Prep, Concrete Pouring, & Curing
    • Here’s where the detailed work really begins. Concrete installers have to focus on setting the proper concrete depth, inserting joints in the right position, mixing the concrete, and so forth. The correct mixture of water and concrete, for example, can make or break patio durability.
  3. Sealing & Finishing
    • After we’ve guaranteed the proper water-to-cement ratio and inserted proper rebar, the other major task is sealing everything together. If you go too fast with any of these tasks, you’ll struggle with material degradation, including cracks and weeds.
  4. Finished Results for Years of Durability
    • Stamped concrete is a terrific material for its aesthetic value, longevity, and easy maintenance. Johnson Concrete vows to make sure you get the best results before leaving. We always get everything clean and crisp.

Never DIY This; Always Hire a Reputable Concrete Contractor

Given the technical difficulty involved with pouring and paving concrete, this is not a DIY task for homeowners. We strongly recommend finding a reputable contractor to ensure optimal results. These are some characteristics of an effective company like Johnson Concrete.

  • A picture’s worth a thousand words. Therefore, why not check out what we’ve already done by browsing through our portfolio of finished jobs? This will show you what stamped concrete is supposed to look like.
  • Besides the experience factor, you should never do business with a contractor unless they have the requisite bonding, licensing, and insurance for this work.
  • You can also check to see if they hold an accreditation with business evaluators such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • That initial consultation is very important. It’s your time to ask questions, and if the concrete contractor tries to dodge them, then it’s time to try someone else.

Benefits of Installing a Stamped Concrete Patio for This Summer

Make 2023 the year you transformed your stamped concrete patio to enjoy tons of summer fun in the backyard. There are tons of great reasons to do this.

Not only are there a plethora of style and design options, but it’s also more cost effective than alternative materials. We have nothing against the appearance of wood, but those decks and patios are much harder to maintain, and, frankly, lumber isn’t cheap these days. Plus, when you hire an experienced concrete crew (Johnson Concrete), the project doesn’t have to take several days to finish.

Johnson Concrete: Experts in Stamped Concrete Installation

We’re the Kansas City contractor that can handle any concrete task you give us: stamped concrete patios, driveways, sidewalks, garage floors, swimming pools, and more. There’s a long list of residential homeowners who’ve been impressed with our workmanship. Even the online business ranker, BloggerLocal, rates us as the #1 Concrete Contractor in this area.

Are you ready to transform your home exterior with a fantastic concrete upgrade?

Then contact us today to begin the process of installing a stamped concrete patio, and gain a terrific outdoor party atmosphere ready for this summer.