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A Summer Maintenance Checklist for Your Kansas City Concrete Patio

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Getting a concrete patio is a great idea, but you need to take care of your Kansas City concrete patio. While concrete is very durable it still needs care to keep it in the best possible condition.

Due to exposure to extreme weather your patio can get damaged. There are other elements and things that you can control to make sure your concrete patio stays perfect for as long as possible.

A Summer Maintenance Checklist for Your Kansas City Concrete Patio

Your Kansas City concrete patio will almost take care of itself, but it does need a bit of maintenance to keep it looking great and functioning as well as it can.


Your patio needs to be cleaned periodically for the little bits of debris and regular upkeep needed to keep it looking good.

Sweep the leaves, bits of food, grass trimmings, dirt from shoes or the wind, ashes from the BBQ, bird droppings, and any other spills or garbage that lands there, whether it’s yours or not.

Also, it should get a good cleaning, as well. If you use it a lot in the summer, in particular for eating and drinking, give it a good washing as needed. Use the garden hose or a power washer to remove the stains and items that may be stuck to the surface.

Use a mild soap and a broom or scrub brush to really get in and give it a good cleaning. Food, grease, stains from food, grass, leaves, and even bits of paper or dropping flowers can leave permanent marks.

Rinse the entire patio off to remove any soap and bits of debris that were removed during the scrubbing. Concrete is porous and can absorb the colors of food and drink, leaving stains.


Depending on how much use your Kansas City concrete patio gets and the type of direct harsh weather it is exposed to will depend on how often you need to seal it.

Ideally, every other year should be fine but if it is uncovered, has a lot of traffic, gets scraped or scratched frequently, then maybe every year would work better.

Small Repairs

A lot can happen to your Kansas City concrete patio over the winter. After a while, you will find cracks or chips on the surface. It is a good idea to have these repaired as soon as you see them.

These cracks will only get worse, and moisture can get inside and cause more problems deeper down. Get them repaired and inspected by a professional in the spring to be ready for summer.

Give it Shade

Try to give your Kansas City concrete patio a bit of shade. The direct sun can really damage your concrete, fade the coloring and dry it out more than is acceptable.

Add a few large umbrellas to keep a lot of the surface shaded from the direct sun. Consider an outdoor carpet, artificial grass, or even a few throw rugs. Larger tables and chairs will also help.

Kansas City Concrete Patio

If you need help or advice with your Kansas City concrete patio, please contact us here at Johnson Concrete today. Our trusted technicians are experts in the art of concrete. Let us plan with you the transformation of your home into a work of art that you and your family can and will cherish for years to come.

There is no reason your concrete patio shouldn’t last for many years. A few simple maintenance checks from you during the summer will keep it looking great.