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Signs a Driveway Replacement May Be in Your Future

Signs a Driveway Replacement May Be in Your Future

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While your driveways should last for many years, there are a few signs a driveway replacement may be in your future. An old driveway looks awful and will bring down the overall appeal of your home.

It can also be dangerous to people walking on it and even cause leaks or further damage to your property. With so many options available for driveways, you can get function and beauty.

Signs a Driveway Replacement May Be in Your Future

We don’t often give much thought to our driveways until we have to. Large cracks and holes, concrete crumbling away at the edges, and big stains and discoloration can all make your driveways barely unusable.

Large Cracks

One surefire sign a driveway replacement is in your future is the appearance of large cracks. Concrete cracks and smaller ones don’t often pose a problem if they are tended to, to keep them that way.

But larger cracks that cover a lot of space and have wide openings are a problem. Water, salt, oil and gas, chemicals from the lawn and off the street can all get trapped in the crack. This makes them even bigger and deeper.

Drainage Problems

If you are noticing pooling water on or around your driveways, it likely needs to be replaced. Pooling water will infest the cracks, freeze in winter, and cause more damage than there is already.

Water will also eventually eat away at the good parts of your driveway, as well. If there are slopes, or large potholes holding water, then it needs to be replaced in order to fix your drainage problem.


Potholes tend to start gradually, as small little bumps. But soon those little holes become large ones. They can damage the suspension on your car, and also destroy your driveway.

Small potholes can be repaired but they often become potholes again. After a while, there is no sense in repairs when you need to do it every year. Continued repair is a sign a driveway replacement may be in your future.

Stains and Discoloration

Leaves off the trees, paper, cut grass, loose wrappers, and other debris that lands on your driveway can leave a stain. Your car drips oil, gas, grease, tar, and who knows what your tires pick up.

All those things sit on your driveway and cause it to stain and get patchy. If these stains are not dealt with right away, that stain is going to stay. It’s also a sign that your sealant is not working as it should.


If your driveway is old, it likely has all of these signs. Cracked, dirty, full of holes and the sedges are falling away. An older driveway is past the point of making repairs and it’s a sign a driveway replacement may be in your future.

Perhaps you have just bought or inherited an older home. Maybe you just really want to get your home looking better, and maybe you are considering putting it on the market.

Whatever your reason, a driveway replacement will make your entire home look younger and better. It might look bad or it might be dangerous.

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