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Qualities to Look for in a Kansas City Commercial Concrete Contractor

Commercial Concrete Contractor

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Looking for a reliable Kansas City commercial concrete contractor may not be as easy as it seems. Not all contractors have your best interests in mind and not all follow the rules.

For commercial work, you need to find a company that will arrive when they say, finish the job, and not tie up your business or commercial property longer than needed.

Qualities to Look for in a Kansas City Commercial Concrete Contractor

The size of the job shouldn’t matter when it comes to hiring a Kansas City commercial concrete contractor. They should put the same dedication and professionalism into a small sidewalk as they do an entire foundation.

  • License and Insurance

It’s easy to assume that the Kansas City commercial concrete contractor will have their papers in order, but it isn’t always the case. These things can be expensive to get and they can also be revoked.

If there are problems during the project, they can all come back to you. Not only can you be on the hook to pay for these issues, but they can turn around and sue you if someone is injured.

  • Experience and Knowledge

Be sure to ask about the crew who will be doing the work. Ask if they use their own team or do they hire subcontractors. While subcontractors can be fine, it’s not the same as them using their own crew.

You want to know that the team doing your project are responsible and trusted by the company and they stand behind the work that will be done. Subcontractors may not be covered by the company.

  • Customer Service

We have all been there. Left on hold, ignored for weeks on end, or never to hear from them again once the money has changed wallets. You want to feel like they are happy you choose them and you are in good hands.

Check out what people say about them on other forums, not the ones on their website. If you don’t feel you are being heard or treated right, then that’s often a good indication of how the work will proceed.

  • Solid Contract

It’s very important that you understand all the details of the contract. If there are any terms and conditions you don’t understand, ask your contractor until you do. They should be more than happy to do this with you.

Don’t ever just sign it blindly assuming it is all okay. There can be some tricky wording or loopholes that can leave you in a bind. Make sure you or someone understands things, especially if they sound fishy.

  • Reference and Reputation

Be sure to ask for references before you seal the deal with your Kansas City commercial concrete contractor. This can be very helpful for you when you are making a decision.

People are often more inclined to report bad service than good. While it doesn’t always seem fair, you should learn to read between the lines of bad reviews. One or two can be expected, but a lot is a definite red flag.

Kansas City Commercial Concrete Contractor

Every project has its own needs and complications. It is vital you find a Kansas City commercial concrete contractor who can understand what is needed and make it all happen.

Here at Johnson Concrete, we have the ability and expertise to manage commercial projects; large and small. Our experienced tradespeople and personnel work with architects, engineers, government inspectors, general contractors, and building owners to complete projects on time and on budget. Call us today.