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Proper Care & Maintenance For Your Kansas City Concrete Patio This Fall And Winter⁣

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Your Kansas City concrete patio requires proper care during the fall and winter months to stay in top shape. The cycle of freezing and melting water can take a serious toll on your patio, impacting how much you can enjoy it come spring.

Taking the proper steps to maintain your patio will help keep it in prime condition.

Get the Debris Removed from Your Patio

Even if you aren’t using your patio as much when fall arrives, there is no good reason to let cleanup go. Once leaves start falling during the autumn months, many will end up in your patio area. The longer these leaves stay down, the wetter they will get, and be more likely to get moldy.

One of the advantages of removing debris from this area is keeping unwanted moisture from getting locked into your concrete. Cracking and pitting are a couple of the unwanted effects that moisture may have on concrete. If you remove the debris, you’ll also have fewer problems with dirt and leaves staining your surface.

Remove Ice and Snow from Your Kansas City Concrete Patio as Soon as Possible

When you’ve had winter weather, it’s a good idea to get your Kansas City concrete patio cleared as soon as possible. Clearing snow and ice away as soon as possible makes good sense for safety reasons. However, there are also practical reasons as well.

Anyone with a concrete patio knows that it is a superior option to a wooden deck, but concrete can have weather-related problems of its own. Concrete can develop problems with cracking once the temperatures warm up again. Keeping your patio clear can help minimize these issues.

Avoid Using Commercial De-Icing Products on Your Patio

During times of freezing weather, commercial de-icing products are best avoided. Some of the chemicals used in commercial de-icers make it easier for water to penetrate the concrete. Because concrete is naturally porous, greater water absorption increases the chances of damage.

If you need more traction, consider using sand or fine gravel. Another option to consider is using old carpeting or plywood for a temporary pathway over the icy areas. Using a temporary fix might be a good idea if the icy weather is expected to be relatively short-lived.

Kansas City Concrete Patio: If You Opt for a Protective Sealant, Have It Applied Before Winter

Although protective sealant isn’t a necessity for concrete in the same way it is for asphalt, your patio may benefit from its application every few years. If you do opt for sealant, have your contractor apply it before winter, so it will be most beneficial. Concrete contractors know which options work best for patios and will find the right option.

Another important task to consider before winter, whether you have sealant applied or not, is to have your patio power-washed. You’ll have to deal with less debris that can get frozen to the concrete during winter.

Winter can be a challenging time for outdoor maintenance, but keeping up with it will benefit your patio in the long run. Taking whatever steps you can to prevent damage will ensure that your patio lasts for as long as possible.

When you need to maintain your patio during the fall and winter months, the right concrete contractor makes all the difference. These professionals know how to maintain this area, as well as repair any damage or other issues that may arise.

Johnson Concrete has the expertise you need for all kinds of concrete surfaces, including patios. Contact us today to find out more about what we can do for your Kansas City concrete patio.