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How Do You Choose the Right Stamped Concrete Colors and Pattern?

Stamped Concrete Colors

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With the number of stamped concrete colors and patterns available, it is easy to see why this is such a popular material. However, as with any decision that affects your home, you may wonder how to make the right choice that will suit your home best.

Read on to learn some tips about how to select the right colors and patterns for your stamped concrete needs.

What is the Best Way to Select Stamped Concrete Colors and Patterns That Look Great for Most Homes?

The two most popular ways to select colors and patterns are by architectural style or to blend in with natural surroundings. Selecting colors and patterns that match the architectural style is important for homes with deed restrictions. Older homes in cities with ordinances addressing the preservation of their homes’ character will also benefit from concrete that matches the architectural style.

One of the best ways to choose concrete that meets everyone’s needs all around is to look for natural colors. Gray, brown, or red tones come in different shades easy to select to match everything else. If desired, there are ways a concrete contractor can “antique” the concrete to make it look aged, which works well for older homes.

How Do You Create Different Combinations With Stamped Concrete Colors?

Integral colors, usually pastels, help provide a color foundation that will not wear away quite as easily. Surface-applied color treatments are used most often with integral colors because the range of integral colors is more limited.

However, stamped concrete colors also include colors that color the top layers. Concrete contractors know about the range of options available that will suit your project the best and make recommendations based on these options.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when undergoing a concrete project is that the possibilities are almost endless. Many patios and walkways using stamped concrete use popular colors and patterns. However, you can opt for a customized design that is unlike anything else in your neighborhood, as well.

A popular example of how people might customize their concrete is by choosing their favorite team colors or their college’s colors. Using team or school colors is one of the best ways to show off local pride. Adding texture is also a great way to make your concrete as unique as possible in a relatively easy way.

What Are Some of the Design Ideas That Are Popular?

White concrete is a popular choice that often has a cooling effect on the surrendering area. This cooling effect is one of the things that makes white a popular choice for pool areas. If you like the idea of a surface that feels more comfortable underfoot, even on hot days, solid white or white patterns are good choices.

Colors that resemble natural stone are popular with homeowners who want a look in synch with nature. Concrete designed to look like natural stone includes marbling and variegation that mimics stone as much as possible. This concrete becomes multi-colored and is often hard to distinguish from real stone.

One of the most popular color combinations involves matching the brick and trim on the house as closely as possible. When the concrete has been designed to match natural wood as closely as possible, a close match to the trim is always a great idea. Homeowners have all the aesthetic benefits of wood, without maintenance or repair concerns.

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