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How to Transform Your Patio for Entertaining this Summer

Transform Your Patio

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Now is the time to finally transform your patio into an outstanding place for fun and entertainment for summer.  Having a beautiful outdoor ambiance makes it so much easier to gather your friends and family for a good time. Make your home, even its outside elements, the kind of place people will actually want to visit.

Johnson Concrete wants to show you how easy and affordable it is to enhance your backyard patio in a matter of no time.

How to Transform Your Patio

We know several concrete patio design techniques that will allow you to do almost anything to your exterior surfaces.

Getting that perfect backyard appearance and functionality depends heavily on what kind of activities you want to do there. Do you want to throw elaborate pool parties with 30 or more guests or would you rather have something suitable for cook-outs and humble gatherings? These are the sorts of things that play a role in forging your game plan for transforming your patio.

Believe it or not, the color selection you choose for your patio can make the area feel cozy and intimate (for small groups) or larger and more wide open for other purposes. This can even correspond with the texture and design of a backyard swimming pool (another great Summer transformation project).

Determine How You Want to Utilize Your Patio

Before you do any major project, first determine what you really want out of your back patio. Not everybody has the same vision for outdoor fun and entertainment, so it’s helpful to start there and decide on your wants and needs.

Furthermore, not all patios are outdoors per se. You might prefer to have an enclosed patio with stamped concrete more in line with what you have for your kitchen floors. Other homeowners love the idea of leaving things wide open and turning the patio into an outdoor dance floor, which of course dictates the styles, patterns, colors, and materials you would use.

Stamped Concrete: An Awesome Way to Transform Your Patio

Now, we’d like to get into some more specific, practical, and affordable ways to bolster your backyard patio. We strongly recommend our stamped concrete patio designs.

These are popular in Kansas City because of the limitless number of color, texture, and design choices. So, for those who appreciate the classical wooden look, you can get your patio stamped with Wood PFlanks.

Johnson Concrete also offers gorgeous scored and grooved patterns such as San Diego Flagstone. It’s also possible to include an extra layer of sophistication by mixing in other materials. You can choose one primary material and then combine it with inlay materials like glass, tile, stones, and metal.

The industry has really come a long way with the scope of possible material mixtures. Finally, for further reading, it’ll help you to go over this recent post where we provide some other helpful tips for choosing the perfect patio for your home.

Johnson Concrete: Always Happy to Help

Regardless of how complex or extravagant you choose to make your backyard patio, we’re here to assist you. We’ve been at this for more than 20 years, so our crews have seen it all. Most importantly, we can install a good concrete patio that won’t crack or sink.

Instead, you can rely on the durability of our finished projects to last multiple decades. As usual, you don’t have to take us at our word alone. Feel free to look through our portfolio of finished jobs, and you can read through several testimonials we receive from Kansas City clientele pleased with our services.

Contact us today and discover how Johnson Concrete can help you transform your patio into a stunning outdoor environment fit for all kinds of summer fun!