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How Do You Maintain A New Kansas City Concrete Driveway?⁣

Kansas City Concrete Driveway

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Once you’ve had a new Kansas City concrete driveway installed, keeping it looking as new as possible is important. Your driveway requires regular care to maintain a like-new appearance, regardless of its style.

The usual daily wear and tear, gas and oil stains, and weather can all impact your concrete’s appearance. However, the good news is that what you need to keep your driveway looking fresh requires minimal effort on your part.

Consider Applying Sealer to Your New Driveway

Having sealer applied to your driveway as soon as possible will help it maintain a newer appearance. Some of the benefits of having a sealer applied to include:

  • Making the driveway easier to clean
  • Prevents bothersome stains
  • Locks excess moisture out

Excess heat or cold can have a lifting effect on sealant over time, making it important to have it reapplied every two or three years. When your driveway has snow accumulation, you’re best removing it with a push broom because a shovel can cause damage to the driveway surface that lets in moisture.

Refrain from Using Harsh Chemicals on Your Kansas City Concrete Driveway?

De-icers, harsh cleaners, and similar chemicals should be kept off your Kansas City concrete driveway. When you need to remove stains, a mild detergent is usually the best for cleanup. Whenever possible, keep chemicals from your car or lawn from getting on the driveway.

Some of the chemicals that you’ll need to avoid the most include de-icers that contain ammonium nitrate or ammonium sulfate. Rock salt is another chemical that can cause problems for your driveway. Any chemical that runoffs from your work area should be cleaned up as soon as possible as part of your routine maintenance.

Keep Your Driveway Washed Regularly

Keeping your driveway free of debris, such as animal droppings, flowers, grass, and leaves can help prevent stains. Sweeping the debris up with a broom, then giving the driveway a rinse with a hose is a good way to keep on top of things.

Twice-yearly power washing is an ideal way to clean debris from small crevices in the concrete. You’ll also be able to prevent mold and mildew by keeping these areas cleared out.

More routine cleaning involves stain removal. Leaves, flowers, and even grass can cause stains that discolor your driveway, so you should remove these stains as soon as possible.

You’ll want to avoid using bleach, even if mold or mildew stains are present. Bleach can make its way to the lawn area and damage your plants.

Kansas City Concrete Driveway: Have Repairs Completed Promptly

Surface damage is something you should see promptly, even if in the form of smaller surface cracks. If your concrete is crumbling or there are small holes, something could be going on under your driveway that requires attention. You’ll want to err on the side of caution and get the damage fixed, even if it seems like no big deal.

One thing to watch for is if construction vehicles or trucks of similar sizes have been in your driveway for very long. Vehicles heavier than most passenger cars or trucks can cause damage. Having your driveway inspected once the vehicles are no longer there is a good idea.

A new driveway is a major investment, and you’ll get the most for your money by keeping it maintained. Using a trusted concrete contractor like Johnson Concrete is an excellent way to make sure everything goes smoothly.

We are ready to repair your driveway, install a new one, or help you with anything related to its upkeep. Contact us today about all your Kansas City concrete driveway needs.