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How to Keep Using Your Kansas City Concrete Patio this Fall and Winter

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Keeping your Kansas City concrete patio in great shape not only means you can use it year-round, but you will also extend the life of your patio. The harsh cold and freezing and thawing can be very hard on concrete. There is no reason why you can’t enjoy your patio during the fall and even the winter months. If it is covered or protected, it won’t be subjected to the elements quite as badly.

How to Keep Using Your Kansas City Concrete Patio this Fall and Winter

Just because the weather is starting to cool down doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy your Kansas City concrete patio.

Keep it Clean

Make sure you keep the surface cleaned off. Once leaves start to fall and there is more rain, the leaves can stain the surface. Swapping your patio regularly will keep other debris cleared, as well.

Bit of paper or other items can also bleed their colors into your concrete patio. These can stain them and make it look messy. Use the garden hose to clear it and a mild detergent with a brush, if needed.

Make Repairs

If you notice cracks or other damage that has cropped up over the summer, the fall is the best time to have these taken care of. Even smaller cracks on your Kansas City concrete patio will get worse throughout the winter.

Call a professional to inspect them and make the repairs. That way, they are done correctly and guaranteed to last. These jobs may seem like DIY but very often you are better trusting the professionals.


Sealing the surface of your patio is the best way to protect it. A good sealant will help protect it against moisture, damages, stains, and it protects the design or patterns you may have.

There can be a lot of rain in the fall and the snow and ice can freeze and melt several times during the winter. This is hard on any surface, including your concrete.

Protect the Surface

Once you have repaired and sealed your Kansas City concrete patio, you want to keep it looking great. Make sure the bottoms of your furniture are covered or on carpeting or plywood to keep them from scratching the surface and damaging the sealant.

Using your BBQ all year long is a great idea but it too can scratch the surface. Keep in on a protective piece of plywood or something that won’t let it scrape the patio or catch on fire.

Using indoor/outdoor carpets and rugs all year long will help protect the surface and actually make your patio space more comfortable and cozy. Smaller rugs, runners, or area rugs can make the place look fantastic and protect the concrete.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Whether you are able to use your Kansas City concrete patio all year or only as easy access to the car or garbage cans, don’t use salt or chemicals to melt the snow and ice.

These chemicals can eat away at the surface of your patio, melt out over your lawn and garden, and even be dangerous for your pets. Try using sand, gravel, or rubberized mats to make the patio easy to access.

Keep Using Your Kansas City Concrete Patio this Fall and Winter

If you need an inspection or some concrete repairs, or more information, call us first at Johnson Concrete. Keeping your patio looking great and in ideal condition means you can enjoy it throughout the entire year.