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Is Having A Concrete Parking Lot an Asset For Your Kansas City Business?

Concrete Parking Lot

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Many business owners find it hard to think of a concrete parking lot as being an important business asset. However, it is an important enough part of your business that it should feature in your maintenance plans.

If you maintain your parking lot well, you can enjoy excellent longevity. There are several ways a business parking lot can be an important asset.

Is Your Business Committed to Accessibility?

If your business has a lot of customers who are part of the disability community, a quality parking lot can help you meet your accessibility goals. Concrete lots provide a smoother surface for anyone visiting your business. When a business provides easy access for vans with chair lifts or even other vehicles, like bikes or scooters, this helps show a commitment to a broader customer base.

Dirt or gravel can be difficult for customers to navigate, as well as offer surfaces that don’t provide as strong footing. Concrete also makes it easier to mark accessible parking spaces, as well as curbside service areas.

How a Concrete Parking Lot Helps You Meet Energy Efficiency Goals

A concrete parking lot can help your business meet energy efficiency goals. One of the primary reasons this is the case is because concrete retains less heat.

Installing a concrete lot can help your business enjoy lower cooling costs. Energy costs are among some of the highest variable costs that can affect a company’s budget.

When summer temperatures soar, asphalt parking lots heat up very quickly. You need only watch someone walking a dog across a blacktop lot to see the discomfort level.

If you want your business to use less energy overall, a concrete lot is the way to go. You’ll be able to keep your business cooled without running their expense level up exceptionally high.

Are You Tired of Replacing Your Parking Lots?

With longevity that can reach or exceed 30 years, concrete is a perfect choice if you don’t want to replace your lots as often. In many cases, concrete makes a perfect replacement for an existing gravel or asphalt lot that is in poor condition.

One of the things that you need to consider besides the initial upfront cost is what your maintenance costs will be like in the longer term. If you need to replace your parking lot more often because of poorer-quality material, any savings are minimal, at best.

Would You Prefer to Save on Maintenance Costs?

Gravel and asphalt lots are fairly high-maintenance. Concrete, on the other hand, requires very little.

You’ll need to think about sealing your lot every few years if you opt to. Otherwise, the only regular maintenance required is twice-yearly power-washing.

Concrete Parking Lot: Are You Looking for a Customized Design?

If you’re looking for something that provides a unique appearance for your business, you won’t go wrong with using concrete for your parking lot. If you need anything in unconventional shapes or textures, concrete is a great choice for you to customize this area.

Regardless of whether you own a franchise that must conform to certain requirements or have a business built around an unusual concept, being able to customize your location with concrete is the perfect way to meet your goals. Consulting with your concrete contractor will help give you a better idea of the possibilities available to you.

If you’re ready to get started with a concrete lot for your business, you won’t go wrong by working with Johnson Concrete. Contact us today for your concrete parking lot and other concrete-related needs.