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Kansas City Concrete Patio Trends

concrete patio trends kansas city

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Do you love spending time outside? Are you searching for a way to make your outside space more attractive? If so, a concrete patio may be in your future.

Or, you may have an existing concrete patio you want to update. Regardless of your situation, getting to know some of the latest concrete patio trends is the best way to ensure you get the outdoor living area you want.

Today, the most popular material for patios is stamped concrete. There’s good reason for this – stamped concrete is affordable and offers an array of unique patterns. When you find a concrete contractor, you can browse their selection of patterns with some of the most popular being herringbone, brick, and natural stone.

Trend: The Use of Contrasting Patio Materials

If you have a wide patio, you will find the look can be significantly improved by using juxtaposed materials. This type of contrast offers a unique appeal that makes the floor interesting. For example, you can create a patio with a flat stained floor that is bordered with stamped concrete patterns. You can also use contrasting materials, like different wood grains or paving stones.

Trend: Extend Your Indoor Features Outdoors

No longer are outside patios cold and hard. In fact, they are becoming more comfortable than ever before. In fact, many people are designing patios with features that are very similar to their living room, without the walls and roof. Rather than using concrete and wood seating elements (which were popular in the past), now cushioned chairs and couches are being used outside. There are some who are even creating small kitchens with grills and epoxy flooring, fridges, and an array of other amenities.

Trend: Eco-Friendly Patios

With resources being depleted around the world, more and more people are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint and opting for more sustainable designs and products. There is good news for your patio design. There are several eco-friendly and efficient designs you can use that are also aesthetically appealing. Even better, the cost of creating these eco-friendly designs is falling, while the functionality and durability of the space are going up.

Trend: Foodscaping

The term “foodscaping” is fairly new, and it means the act of combining farming and landscaping. Rather than placing flowering plants around and near their patio, they grow food – fruits, herbs, and vegetables.

If you are ready to create your own concrete patio space, consider the trends mentioned here. These are considered “hot” in the industry right now and what will help you create a patio area that you love spending time in. Even better, entertaining will be more fun when you can take it outside!

If you are ready to update your patio or have further questions about concrete patios in Kansas City, contact Johnson Concrete today!