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The Benefits of Stamped Concrete Patios

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Are you searching for an affordable way to update your patio while giving your backyard a new, custom look? If you answered “yes” to this question, a stamped concrete patio might be a great option.

Stamped concrete surfaces are created in similar ways to a typical poured concrete patio. One of the main differences is that the concrete is tinted before it is poured, which ensures the concrete is a solid and consistent color throughout. After it is poured by patio contractors, the concrete is stamped with a design. This design usually resembles bricks, tiles, stones, or a custom pattern. The result is a surface that provides a natural look, with several appealing benefits.

A Large Selection of Color and Pattern Options

Because stamped concrete surfaces are poured on-site, you can customize it in many ways. You can have the color of the concrete tinted so it matches your home’s exterior, other concrete surfaces on the property, or anything else. By doing this, you can make it seem like the patio has always been a part of your landscape design. Also, it is possible to stamp the surface in virtually any pattern you can think of, which means virtually endless options.

It Is Affordable

Stamped concrete is a much more affordable option compared to other popular surfaces and may even be more affordable than hiring a custom deck builder in Kansas City. Since it does not require as much labor for installation as pavers or natural stone, the cost to have it installed is much lower. Also, the concrete being used is not as expensive as some of the other surface materials used for patios today.

Superior Longevity and Performance

When you have a stamped concrete patio installed by a professional, you will find that it offers superior longevity, especially when compared to other materials, like wood. Also, unlike other patio materials, stamped concrete will not begin to sink and become uneven. It can hold up to heavy traffic, furniture, pets, and children. If you want a patio surface that will perform well and provide limited issues, then choosing stamped concrete is a smart option.

Minimal Maintenance Required

Do you want to keep your home maintenance requirements as low as possible? If so, choosing stamped concrete for your patio is a good idea. While this surface will look expensive and luxurious, the only maintenance requirement is to have it resealed every few years. Also, by resealing the surface regularly, you can keep it from becoming cracked or chipped, while preserving the color. Besides resealing the surface, be sure to sweep it from time to time to keep it free of dirt, dust, and other debris.

If you are interested in installing a stamped concrete patio in your yard, be sure to contact Johnson Concrete today! We can evaluate your space and help you choose all the details that will make this outdoor oasis uniquely yours.

As you can see, there are several benefits offered by this type of surface, so it makes a smart investment for almost any home.