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5 Things You Should Know about Concrete Steps Before Installation

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Many people think installing concrete steps is an easy job. It is not. Putting down concrete for a driveway or patio is far more straightforward. Steps can be rather involved and complicated.

This is not a DIY job and there are a few things you need to understand before your contractor arrives to install the steps. The first thing on that list is to talk to your contractor.

5 Things You Should Know about Concrete Steps Before Installation

Planning for your new concrete steps will actually save you a lot of time. Talking to your contractor can help you be more prepared for the job ahead.

1. It Takes Time

A concrete project of any kind is going to take some time. You must be prepared to use a different entrance to your home before, during, and after the pouring of the concrete.

There can be several steps involved for these new steps. The removal of the old one or partial removal, the supports and framework, the pouring, design, color, the curing, and then, finally, they are ready to use.

2. You Don’t Need to Settle for Boring

With there being so many options and variations that can be done with concrete these days, why not get something a little more stylish? You can get colored concrete steps, stamped, designs, and most anything you want.

Get a brick pattern to match your home, or green to offset the roof and trim, or a wavy pattern that looks like waves on the ocean. Talk to your contractor about your options.

3. Expect Imperfections

Don’t lose your mind when there are bits that are not as perfect as the rest. Pouring concrete is not the easiest job and there are a lot of other factors that will come into play.

The weather will have an impact on how the end result looks, the types of concrete, the contractor, and what you are having done. Two concrete steps are a fully different job than 12 concrete steps.

4. Certain Jobs are More Difficult

The number of concrete steps you need will matter, but so will other factors. Are the steps new or replacements? Is there a deep slope? Are they against a house and connected to a sidewalk?

How high and deep do the steps need to be? Are you adding colors or designs? What are the weather conditions? Are these an emergency or just part of some renovations you are doing? It will all matter as to the time, cost, and materials needed.

5. Do You Need a Permit?

Probably. You should always check with your city to see what type of permit, if any, is needed for your new concrete steps. Often, there are going to be work crews about, large dumpsters, noise, and vehicles parked on the street.

This job may also require the crew to dig, so you need to know what is underneath where those steps are going. Wires, pipes, and many other surprises can be waiting there, all ready to make your renovations a whole lot worse.

Concrete Steps

Before you start something you can’t finish, contact us here at Johnson Concrete. Steps are often in tight areas, and the forming and pouring of new steps is up there with the most difficult concrete work out there.

The steps need to be the right height, square, and also be slightly sloped for drainage. We have the right equipment and experience to do your steps and walkways the correct way that will last and be easy to use.