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5 Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Garage Floor

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Most of us don’t pay much attention to our garages until it is time to replace our garage floor. Our garage floors do their job and we don’t think much about how much they actually go through.

They withstand our wavy vehicles, oil, grease, paint, chemicals, dirt, and they are also subject to extreme temperatures. This can cause damage to the surface and even deeper.

Trying to do spot repairs might work for a little while, but sooner or later, you will need to replace your entire garage floor. Here are a few signs to watch out for.

5 Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Garage Floor

As tough as concrete is, it doesn’t last forever. It can only handle so much wear and tear, and repairs before it needs to be replaced.

1. Too Many Cracks

It’s perfectly normal to find cracks in your garage concrete floor. Settling, shrinking and expanding, plus holding up your vehicles can really take its toll on a garage floor.

These cracks will only get worse over time, and they become deeper and wider the longer they are left alone. If your floor is coated, then that will also become damaged and need to be replaced.

2. High Moisture

If your garage is not sealed off with weather stripping or temperature-controlled, the moisture will get in and start to cause damage. Moisture causes your floor to expand but also weakens the structure.

Pooling water is a sign of poor drainage and uneven floors. That water left sitting will soak into the concrete causing cracks, lifting, chips, and even a musty or bad odor.

3. Uneven Floor

If there are noticeable dips, holes, sinking areas, bulges, and slanting, there could be a serious problem underneath your garage floor. There may be small parts that are uneven or an entire slab that has sunk down.

This could be part of a bigger problem that has to do with the foundation or the base underneath the garage floor. It’s important to deal with the cause before you replace your garage floor.

4. More Than Just a Garage

If you are planning to use your garage for anything else other than a garage, then consider starting with a new floor. Storage, band rehearsal, man cave, or anything else where you will be inviting guests in.

You want the floor to look nice, especially if you are making an actual room in your garage. People use their garage space for extra bedrooms, dining rooms, and living spaces.

5. Old Age

If your garage floor has been in place for many years, or you just got a house and are not sure about the age, you should definitely consider replacing your garage floor.

With an old or unfamiliar house, you never know what is actually going on underneath the surface, even if it looks alright. Replacing your garage floor lets you find out what is going on beneath it and starting from scratch.

When to Replace Your Garage Floor

If you are not sure what is going on under your garage floor or whether you should replace it or if repairs will do, call an expert. We have the specialized equipment to get in the tight areas of your garage and safely remove the concrete then make sure the subgrade is stable with compacted gravel to prevent settlement.

Call us today at Johnson Concrete if you are worried about your garage floor, are unsure whether it needs to be replaced or repaired, or you just want to have it inspected against future problems.