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5 Design Tips for Your New Kansas City Concrete Driveway

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If you are getting a new Kansas City concrete driveway, you don’t need to settle for boring. Your driveways can be more than function, it can be very stylish, as well.

A new driveway can be so much more than someplace you park. Why not get creative and see what types of styles, designs, and colors are available. Make your new concrete driveway stand out.

5 Design Tips for Your New Kansas City Concrete Driveway

Concrete is actually extremely versatile and you can get very creative if you like.

1. Colored Concrete

You can have your new Kansas City concrete driveway colored to match your home. Not only can it be colored but it can have a design using two or more colors. Use patches, swirls, or anything you like.

Use your new driveway to highlight a certain color of trim around your home. Choose a slightly darker or lighter color to offset the main color of your home, or find a great bright color to draw attention off of something around the home you dislike.

2. Stamped Concrete

Your new Kansas City concrete driveway can also be stamped. If you want the look of stone, wood, brick, tile, or any other paving material, you can simply have it stamped in your driveway.

One thing to keep in mind is that stamped concrete is more expensive as it is more labor-intensive. However, it is still less expensive compared to a stone or brick driveway.  Stamped concrete will last a long time with little maintenance needed and will look fantastic. It can be done to match other materials on or around your home.

3. Sawed or Grooved Patterns

For another unique look, your concrete driveway can have patterns or designs sawed into it. These can be done to almost anything you like. Straight lines, waves, curves, or made to resemble something.

These patterns can then be stained a different color to really make them stand out. They can be very subtle or very dramatic. You can also just leave them and let mother nature take care of them.

4. Etched Patterns

More detailed than sawed patterns, these can be more intricate designed for your driveway. These patterns and designs are etched right into your existing concrete. Once the concrete is poured and set, you can have it etched.

Here you can have all kinds of designs. If you have a particular style around your home, like leaves, flowers, or other themes, consider having a few of these etched into your concrete driveway.

These designs will last for many years and you can also add stain or color to them if desired. Get as creative as you like, as these will be with you for many years.

5. Inlay Designs

Having an inlay design put in your driveway can really make it look particularly spectacular. Get creative with stones, bricks, pebbles, colored glass, wood, and so much more.

You could get a design throughout, a decorative border, a very simple design, or something very elaborate. A custom-made design for your new driveway will make you stand out from the rest of your neighborhood and increase your curb appeal.

Your New Kansas City Concrete Driveway

Getting your new Kansas City driveway doesn’t have to be a chore and it doesn’t need to be boring. Why not get creative, have fun, and make it something that looks as good as the rest of your home?

Check out what we have to offer here or contact us for more ideas. We can help you find the perfect design every time. Johnson Concrete is a licensed and insured company that specializes in commercial and residential concrete flatwork, excavating, demolition and hauling.